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  • Sandblasting cabinet can be divided into dry blast cabinet and wet sandblast cabinet, dry blast cabinet is more widely used, wet blast cabinet is also a new innovative type which has a certain market.


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  • Sandblasting machine has a wide range of applications, it is not limited to the surface cleaning of machinery equipment, also have special treatment for stone blasting. We use hard corundum, silicon carbide or metal abrasives to blast and etch the stone driven by compressed air or water. The smooth


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  • How does wet blaster work?Wet sandblaster use a slurry pump to produce a highly mixture of abrasive and water, the pump directly push the mixture to the blast gun with compressed air then blast to the product surface, attain the purpose of removing rust, oxides, contaminants, old coatings, etc. Wet


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  • The selection of blasting abrasives depends on the processed materials an different blasting purpose, here we listed frequently used example: Material:Car RimPurpose 1: Powder Coating Pretreatmentnow more and more car producer inclines to powder coating car rims, not only can be coated with differen


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  • When you buy a sandblaster for your surface finishing process, some factors you must take into consideration: 1. Sandblast Machine Production Capacity; 2. Size of Parts to be Sandblasting; 3. Materials and Sandblasting Effect.


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  • 1. Wet sandblasting use water and s as abrasive, while dry sandblasting only use sand without water.2. Wet sandblasting is more environmental-friendly, does not cause pollution3. Wet sandblasting makes the workpiece surface more delicate.4. But wet sandblasting does not suitable for workpiece which


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  • Sand blasting machine offers a wide application for all kinds of products and materials:1. Pretreatment: process before electroplating, painting, powder coating and other covering process with absolutely clean surface, meanwhile greatly improves the coating adhesion and corrosion resistance.2. Clean


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  • Siphon blaster and pressure blaster are two universal types of sand blasting machine existing on the market. The two types have some distinct differences in the operation, application. This article will help you make a right decision to choose siphon or pressure blast cabinet.


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  • Sandblasting principle: It is a kind of mechanical surface finishing equipment that blasts the abrasive (metal abrasive and non-metallic abrasive) to the surface of workpiece with the help of compressed air power.The blasted abrasives will impact and grind the workpiece surface, in which way reach the purpose of surface finishing.


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  • Abrasive blasting is the operation of propelling abrasive material against a surface under direct pressure or negative pressure in order to achieve the following purposes:Smoothing of a rough surfaceRoughening of a smooth surfaceShaping of a surfaceRemoval of surface contaminants.Enhance surface adh


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