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The effect of wet blasting comparing with dry blasting

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Compared with the dry blasting machine, the wet sandblaster is better for controlling the dust pollution during the blasting process and improving the working environment of the blasting operation. 

The wet blasting machine can increase the surface finish by 0.5-2.0 grade after blasting, If using different kinds of abrasives, the parts can be operated in matte or gloss effect.

The working efficiency of the wet blasting machine is slightly lower than that of the dry blasting, and the price is also higher. Generally, dry blasting is recommended for general finish and the wet blasting machine is required for more precise blasting.


Benefits of Wet Sandblasting

Ultra-fine abrasive can be used, light glass beads and silicon carbide

No media impregnation into substrate by wet blasting

Deeply finishes of corner and concavities.

Dust control for a clear working environment

Closed blast cabinet provides media recycling

No heat warping and distortion with for sensitive parts

Final finish of delicate and precise parts.

Provides an excellent pretreatment for painting, powder coating.

Holds tight tolerances for precise instruments.

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