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Safety Tips You Should Care During the Sandblasting Work.

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Here are some essential tips that you need keep in mind, do an effective sandblasting job as well as keeps danger away.

1, Must wear protective clothes before sandblasting work, not allowed to be in bare, operators not less than two people.

2, Gas storage tank, pressure gauge, safety valve must to be regularly checked. The gas storage tank emits dust once two weeks, the filter in the abrasive funnel must be checked once a month.

3, Check the ventilation pipe and the sandblasting machine door whether they are well-sealed. Start the ventilation dust removing device five minutes before the job,, when it fails to work, prohibit the sandblasting job.

4, The compressed air valve must be opened slowly, the pressure is not allowed to exceed 0.8MPa.

5, The abrasive particle size should be adapted to the job requirements, generally between 10 to 20, the abrasive media should be always kept dry.

6, Prohibit unrelated persons access to the blasting machine during working. When clean and adjust the operating parts, the blasting machine should be shut down.

7, It is not allowed to use compressed air for blowing dust from human body or any play.

8, After the work, ventilationdust removal device should be continued to run for five minutes then close it so that to discharge the indoor dust and keep the environment clean.

9, Any personal and equipment accidents, maintain the scene and report to the relevant departmen

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