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What abrasive media to use for sandblasting?

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Sandblasting application range: hardware rust removal, aluminum alloy sandblasting, glass blasting (matte effect), plastic blasting (deburring), acrylic blasting (matte effect), Resin surface treatment, casting parts blasting, zinc alloy blasting (rough surface), stainless steel blasting, stone material blasting, hardware paint removal, removal welding spot of hardware, shot blasting, etc.

If you want to reach the aboves various purpose, except choosing suitable sandblaster, it is also essential to use correct blasting abrasives, here I list 7 key points for you.

1.Softer for Unknown

If you are not sure which abrasive to use for the surface you are sandblasting , it may be better to start with a gentle meda. Walnut shells or corn cobs can be the best choice for softer surfaces such as wood - they do not cause damage. They are biodegradable to make them the most environmentally friendly blasting abrasive.

walnut shell grit

2. Bright Surface with Glass Beads

Making surface reach a smooth, bright even transparent you can use glass beads media.  Glass beads is made of high-quality materials with a certain degree of mechanical strength, whose SiO2 content is more than 68%, hardness reaches 6-7 Mohs. The great elasticity of glass bead enables it to be recycled uo to 100 times without broke

glass bleads

3. Removal with Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide is often used for rust-removing, deburring or paint and coat removing, who is hard and sharp enough to cut the imperfections. Iron and steel materials are offen treated with aluminum oxide if get rust or has burrs.

Brown Aluminum Oxide Price

4. Plastic for Filgerglass Materials

Plastic is an extremetly soft media that especially suitable for operating fiberglass parts,  applied in aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, automobile, machinery manufacturing, mold, rubber, electronics and so on. Plastic media has tenacity without cutting force, it does not hurt the original material. Especially the ball shape plastic, most gentle and most long life.

plastic abrasive media

5. Silicon Carbide for Aggressive Cutting

Silicon carbide has good shapness and toughness that offers aggressive cutting force, which is widely used for etching glass and stone materials, It does good job for stripping heavy oxides and coatings.

Silicon Carbide

6. Hard Material- Steel Shot 

Steel shot is in round shop, used for shot blasting and shot peening. Steel shot also can be used in the pressure sandblaster to remove rust, paint or scale from hard metal surfaces.

steel shot

7. Move Away "Sand"

Sandblasting and abrasive blasting often used for the same, however, sand is moved away from the blasting media, because it easily causes respiratory illnesses for users and it contains moisture that would destroy the blasting machine.

If you need more information about blasting abrasive and blasting equipment, do not hesitate contact with us!

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