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A Complete Solution for Metal Finishing (Sandblasting and Powder Coating)

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About Sandblasting

Sandblasting is pretreatment process of surface coating, the blasting machine effectively removes rust, oxides, burrs or other contaminants from the workparts surfaces, creates smooth and clean surface, increase the adhesion for better powder coating.

Sandblasting Advantages

Cause no pollution on the workpieces surface and no chemical reaction between workpieces and blasting media. Corners or other awkward places can be easily reached and cleaned by sandblasting machine. Processing by sandblasting cabinet can greatly improve the surface cleaning and reduce much manual effort. And it is more environmemtal friendly than traditional chemical cleaning.

Sandblasting Equipment

There are suction blast machine and pressure blast machine, general surface removement we recommend suction blast cabinet. If you need strip thick contaminated layer from the surface, we recommend pressure blast cabinet

suction sandblast machine

About Powder Coating 

Powder coating process tends to create a protective film cover the metal surface, not only makes it beautiful, for you can use different colors of powders, but makes it more corrosion resistance, aging resistance.

The benefits of powder coating:

Powder coating powders is a kinds of solid coating, not contain solvent, and has no volatile toxic gases during working process. Powder coating cause no pollution to the environment and no harm to human health, 

The cost of powder coating is much lower than the same effect of wet painting process. The powder utilization rate of powder is up to 95%, and oversprayed powder can be recycled for further use. It is environmental friendly and budget-saving, has more vast prospect.

Powder Coating Equipment

Normally we need powder coating gun(powder spraying, powder coating booth(recycle oversprayed powders), powder coating oven(heat and cure)

powder coating equipment

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