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What is the pressure range(psi)of a sandblasting machine?

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Generally the pressure range of a sandblaster is 2-8 bar (29-116 psi). Why maximum value is 8 bar? it is because the original design is 8 bar, that is, sandblasting process does not need too high air pressure or the hose inside the equipment will burst. So we should control the inlet pressure at 8 bar maxium, not too high, not too low, in fact the best air pressure of blasting work is 5.8 bar(84 psi). 

Operators can lower the pressure if the product is distorted or requires some special blasting effect during processing. In addistion, except direct pressure blaster, there are almost suction blast gun, when the pressure is too low, the negative pressure produced by blast gun creates limited force, which is not enough to suck the abrasive into the blast gun and spray it out. Gernerally it needs 2 bar pressure for a suction blast machine to work. 

However, for some low-density abrasives, such as glass beads reuqired pressure less than 2 bar (29 psi), the minimum value should be about 1.3 bar(19psi).

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