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What Type of Sandblasting Machine for Glass is Recommended?

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Here I recommend a type of sandblasting machine that specially designed for glass etching, this is a pass-through sandblasting cabinet that could operate materials larger than itself with right and left door open as well as providing an easy access to the internal cabinet. 

It is the initial and optimal choice of glass blasting and decorating, whose results often presents to be excellent while it is much environment-friendly than traditional chemical processing.  

glass sandblasting machine

glass sandblasting equipment

Glass Sandblasting Machine Features   

1. Supports for glass in 3-30mm thickness, a certain range of width within the cabinet, but the length could be larger than the blasting machine.

2. Incorporates a cyclone system to separate super-fine abrasives and dust for a high reclaim of good abrasives and reduce consumption.

3. The cartridge filter dust removing system will thoroughly collect dust and ensures only clean and dustless air discharged to the atmosphere.

4. The glass sandblasting equipment is designed with several sets of arm holes and blasting gloves, the quantity is based on the size of the glass plate.

5. The glass sandblasting equipmentt  installed with roller conveyor to slide the workpieces for easy loading and unloading

6. Not only glass, but applicable for marble, steel plate, ceramic tile and other large flat pieces.

glass sandblaster  glass sandblasting cabinet

For more information about the glass sandblasting machine, contact with us:

Phone/Whatsapp: 0086 13357192103 

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