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Rotary Indexing Spindle Automated Sandblasting System

Rotating indexing spindle blast system is a type of automatic sandblaster that specially suitable for batch processing of cylindrical workparts. Kafan's range of automated blast systems develop based on customers to provide maximum flexibility, quality, reliability and peace of mind
  • KF-1512-8A
  • Kafan

Rotary Indexing Spindle Blasting System, Automated Sandblasting System

This automatic sandblasting system is configured with a large indexing table and fitted with multiple spindles inserted with workparts. The indexing table intermittently rotates to present the workparts in accurate position in front of the automatic blast guns, while each spindle rotates itself ensure all the surface to be covered.

Rotary Indexing Sandblasting System Features

  • Designed with two indexing stations, an opening one and a closed one enable simultaneous loading and processing. which provides optimum blast coverage and reduces task times.

  • The flexible blast gun group can be set for fixed or swinging blasting with adjustable speed and angle.

  • Built with the increased capacity afforded by multiple spindle options, the spindle quantity can be customized.

  • Allows multiple parts simultaneously that ensures uniformty and quality consistency.

  • Adaptable spindles can be configured to suit your workparts and processing requirements.

  • High automation task controlled by PLC system, guarantee the balanced uniform blasting effect, as well as safe production

  • The automatic blast system configured with an independent dust collector included with fan and cartridge filters, keeps the working chamber and clear and prevents air pollution.

  • Higher volumes, increased productivity and a drive to safe automated systems demands rapid, repeatable and reliable equipment

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Dust Collector

Rotary Indexing Spindle Blast System Specifications 

Model: KF-1512-8A
Main Dimension 1500x1200x2000mm
Dust Collector Size 1200x1200x1700mm
Large Turntable Size Dia 900mm 
Drive Motor Power 1.1kw
Qty of Small Turntables 8 sets
Drive Motor Power 0.75kw
Max. Size of Parts Allowed Dia 250mm x Height 350mm
Qty of Blast Guns 8 pcs
Blast Gun Nozzle Durable Boron Carbide
Power Supply 380V/220V As required
Separator Motor 5.5kw
Compressed Air Source 2-8bar (kg / cm2)

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