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Dustless Sandblasting Equipment for Sale, Portable Water Sandblasting Pot

Wet dustless sandblasting equipment ideally control the dust, easy operation, economic and environmental-friendly
  • KF-300WP

  • Kafan

  • dustless sandblasting equipment


Dustless Sandblasting Equipment Portable Water Sandblasting Pot

Dustless sandblasting equipment is the most ideal blaster for outdoor work when need dust control, such as removing paint from cars, steel pipes, or blasting concrete. The portable pot design of the sandblasting machine enables user easily to operate and move. 

Dustless sandblaster works on a wet sandblasting principle, the abrasives is introduced into a pressurized stream of water creating slurry, then is blasted to the target surface. Wet dustless blasting pot attains desired surface treatment while also lives up to heath and safety regulations.

dustless sandblasting equipment

Dustless Sandblasting Equipment Main Technical Data:


1) Water: full of 120 kg each time 

2) Abrasive: corundum abrasive is recommended or other abrasives are allowed; 

3) Abrasive particle size: 36 # ~ 80 # ;

4) Abrasive Volume: If using corundum, should not be more than 130kg;

Abrasive Pot 

Pot capacity: About 0.3 M3; 

Maximum capacity of water and abrasive mixture: 0.12 M3. 

Sandblasting Hose 

Inner diameter: 25mm 

Sandblasting Gun 

1) Quantity: 1 pc 

2) Nozzle diameter: 8 mm 

3) Compressed air pressure : 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPA; 

4) Air consumption of single gun: about 5 M3 / Min. 

Total machine air consumption: about 6M3 / Min. Outer diameter of air pipe connection: 26mm 

Working conditions:Compressed air souce, pressure 0.7 MPA, flow ≥6M3 / Min [ air volume flow at 20 °c, 101.325 KPA ] .

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