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1. Sandblasting

Sandblasting is mechanical surface finishing process that blasts the abrasive to the surface of workpiece with the help of compressed air power. The blasted abrasives will impact and grind the product surface, in which way remove the burrs, impurities, rust, oxide layer and other contaminants, results in a smooth and clean surface for subsequent procedures, such as electroplating, painting, powder coating. Sandblasting has a wide application, except cleaning industry parts, also decorating for daily products.

2. Mass Finishing

Mass finishing application including deburring, chamfering, radius, descaling, polishing, cleaning, the obvious feature is that the process often operating a large quanty of small to media sized workpieces. For the working process, a certain type of media, workparts, chemical compounds are contained in a container, all the contents rub each other by the machine and produce the required surface treatment. Mass finishing can be listed vibratory finishing, centrifugal finishing, barrel finishing, etc.

3. Powder Coating

Electrostatic powder coating process is using the gun to spray the powder to the surface of the workparts, with the static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the metal surface, forming powder coatings; then by the process of curing under high temperature oven, turning to final coverage, durable and high quality. Using different types of powders like plastic powder, metallic powders, flat powders, wrinkle powders, the coatings will present abundant coverages.


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