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Brown aluminum oxide ball polishing Media

Supply of high quality Brown aluminum oxide Finishing Media and Deburring Media, ultra-wear, high cutting
product description:
Brown aluminum oxide Finishing Media and Deburring Media: suitable for metal parts, hardware, tools, auto parts deburring polishing. High grinding efficiency, wear and durable
Shape: oblique triangle, triangle, ball, cylinder (oblique cylinder), square and so on
Size: 6mm or more
Specifications: 25KG / bag
1. Texture dense, high strength and hardness, in the course of use is not broken, low wear, and have excellent cutting performance. The surface is not blocked, throwing ability.
2. According to the workpiece material and size, you can choose a different material, shape, size, size of the polishing block, in the shortest possible time to wear a variety of materials, burrs and flash, to achieve the purpose of surface lighting.

We have 
a variety of polished grinding block (polished stone). The products are compact, good impact resistance, abrasion resistance, good grinding and polishing performance, is widely used in forging parts, hardware tools, ceramic products, instrumentation and other parts of the deburring, flash, chamfer, Rust and polish. Products can be used for coarse grinding, fine grinding, grinding and polishing, according to the binder is divided into ceramic binder series and plastic combination.
       Our polishing media
with corundum, white corundum, chrome corundum, silicon carbide, high aluminum porcelain as raw materials, a variety of shapes, complete specifications, with all types of polishing machine supporting the use. Polishing block is inorganic or organic raw materials bonding agent, generally added abrasive, made by heating and consolidation. Has excellent deburring and polishing performance, so that modern lighting technology essential products. With a variety of vibration, centrifugal polishing machine, such as polishing, deburring, flash, oxide, fine polishing of the batch processing, improve the finish 2-3 times , improve the efficiency of several times.

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