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Turntable Sand Blast Cabinet,Heavy-duty Blast Cabinet for Moulds Cleaning,

The heavy duty blast cabinet with turntable is specially designed for blast and cleaning heavy and large product, like mold, statue, motor, car wheels, etc. The turntable design release the difficulty for users to blast heavy product overall.
  • KF-1212FTA

  • Kafan

  • Heavy-duty Blast Cabinet


Turntable Sand Blast Cabinet,Heavy-duty Blast Cabinet 

The heavy duty blast cabinet with turntable is specially designed for blast and cleaning heavy and large product, like mold, statue, motor, car wheels, etc. 

The humanized turntable design provides 360 degree rotating action, which release the difficulty for users to blast heavy product overall, as there is no need of manual movement. 

An loading cart can be ideally equipped to push the products from outside to inside of the blasting cabinet at ease.

heavy duty blasting machine  turntable blast machine

Heavy-duty Sandblast Cabinet Features

  • A dust removing system of the sandblasting machine thoroughly collects dust which creates a clear working view, ensures the recycled abrasive is pure and the air discharged to the atmosphere is dustfree.

  • Each blast cabinet includes durable aluminum alloy casting blast gun with 100% purity boron carbide nozzle. An air blowing gun to clean remaining dust and abrasive after blasting.

  • Foot pedal switch to control the work of blasting gun, which reduces the user’s fatigue, facilitates the operation and ensures the safety

  • The used abrasives is delivered to the bottom funnel, then sucked to the blast gun for continuous utilization, such recycling of abrasive saves cost a lot.

  • The turntable size can be customized according to the product specification, also designed to be manual or automatic rotating for selection. 

sandblasting gloves  sandblasting turntable

dust collector   fan motor

KF-1212FTA Heavy-duty Sandblasting Cabinet Specifications



Overall Dimension(mm)


Work Chamber

Length1200*Width1200 x Height800

Turntable Diameter 800mm (Maximum Load 200kgs)

Door Size


Power Supply


Motor Power 0.75kw
Main Structure

Working chamber

Cartridge filter dust collector

Electric controll system

Pnuematic control system

Rotating Turtable 

Loading Cart and track


Spare parts

Sandblasting gun with boron carbide nozzle

Air blowing gun

Blasting hose

Sandblasting gloves

pressure regulator 

air moisture separator


Different Sizes of the Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet for Choice:

Model Turntable Diameter (mm) Working Dimension(L*W*Hmm)
KF-9080FTA 600 900*800*800
KF-1010FTA 700 1000*1000*800
KF-1212FTA 800 1200*1200*800

Why choose a Kafan sandblasting equipment?

Our blasting cabinet were made in house by rich experienced production team of Kafan. To pursue best performance, the machine body is steel plate welded with powder coated surface, which is more durable, wear-resistant and lifelong than traditional painting, and the main components are famous imported brand, by all of which we ensure 1 year warranty period for any quality problem. 

Wide application of Industrial Sand Blast Cabinet 

1. Pretreatment of electroplating, paint spraying, coating, etc. to completely clean the surface and improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability.

2. Cleaning the mill scale/residues/dirt of casting/pressing /welding/heat treatment work piece, cleaning the surface of non-metal items, cleaning the black spots on the ceramic embryo surface, restoring paint grain pattern, etc.

3. Refurnishing sports part of car, motorcycle, electromechanical device, etc., eliminating fatigue stress and extending working life.

4. Removing surface marks of metal/non-metal items, dumb face and fog treatment processing to enhance the product grade.

5. Dumb face and fog treatment of mould, text composition, mould cleaning without damage to the mould.

6. Removing the tiny burrs of mechanical parts and injection plastic parts.

7. Removing unqualified covering,color and printing of products.

8. Enhancing the surface hardness of metal work piece and eliminating stress, such as processing plane vane, spring, machining knife, weapons etc.

9. Carving patterns/words and slip resistance treatment on the surface of metal and non-metal items, such as marble, handle anti-skid, stamping, stele lettering, etc.

10. Sandblasting/white mark/cat’s whisker effect treatment of jeans wear.

wheel blasting aluminum rust removing hardware mold cleaning ceramic blasting

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