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Dental Lab Sandblaster

The dental sandblaster incorporates twin pen for fine finishing of various process, such as removing coatings, clean contaminants, decorating art and trophy products, blasting for dental industry.
  • KF-4326T



Twin Pen Sandblaster, Dental Lab Sandblaster

The ergonomic and compact sandblaster incorporates double pen which could use micro-abrasive for fine blasting. It has a wide application can be used for both industrial and home use, such as: 

  • removing old and unqualified coatings from electronic components, 

  • blasting and cleaning for the dental laboratory,

  • fine etching of art and trophy products, Jewellery and watch repairing, 

  • remove rust or mill scales for industrial accessories, aircraft parts or precise instruments maintenance.

Dental Lab Sandblaster Specifications:

Model KF-4326T Pen Sandblaster
Outer Size length410mm * Width450mm * Height330mm
Working Chamber Size length380mm * Width420mm * Height290mm
Blasting Pen 2 pcs
Regulator 1 set
Working Station 2 holes, 1 pair of gloves
Lighting 1pc, explosion-proof energy-saving lamp
Vacuum Bag 1 set
Foot Switch 1 pc
Working Presssure 1.5-5 bar

Dental Lab Sandblaster Specifications:

  • The pen sandblaster fitted with two abrasive tanks for containing ultra fine abrasives such as aluminum oxide, glass beads.

  • Front large viewing section is fully transparent allowing for greater visibility inside the blasting chamber.

  • Integrated LED lighting in the working cabinet allows for a high-quality, shadow-free view during preparation

  • Double pencil sandblaster comes with air regulator and pressure gauge for easy operation.

  • Heavy steel constructed pen blaster with built-in blasting gloves, safe and reliable for blast work and no sand leakage.

  • Blasting work controlled by foot pedal, the mini sandblaster provides safe and humanized operation.

 dental sandblaster for sale.jpg

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