Hot Air Centrifugal Drying Machines Dryer

Centrifugal force movement, will not damage the workpiece surface
Drying metal and plastic parts by centrifugal force and hot air.
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Hot Air Centrifugal Drying Machines Dryer

Supports for dehydration and drying of various metal parts after polishing, oil washing or dipping by antirust liquid, the centrifugal drying machine is used in all electroplating, hardware, electronics, grinding processing factories.

Adoption of centrifugal drying and hot air drying working principle, the machine makes dehydration and drying sychronously, no water spots and stains appearing that avoids the workpiece gets rust or oxidized, ideally improve the glossiness and quality.

hot air centrifugal dryer

Centrifugal Drying Machine Features

  • The inner and outer dehydration barrel is made of stainless steel, durable and long lifespan.

  • Casting iron bottom base ensures the stability of gravity center.

  • Pedal brake to stop the working,  improve safety and efficiency, 

  • Automatcally power off when open the aluminum cover after finish the drying.

Hot Air Centrifugal Dryer Specification

Model: CL-35

Overall Dimension: 800 * 800 * 650mm

Internal Barrel Dimension: Dia400 * Height300mm

Loading Capacity of Barrel: 35KG

Barrel Turning Speed: 630r/min

Voltage: 380V/220V or customized

Motor Power: 0.75KW  

Total ower: 3KW