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Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine for Sale

The rotary barrel tumbling machine features a basically simple and convenient equipment that stands up to a low purchase cost. Wood made barrel tumbler is ideal for polishing glass parts.
  • CL-160
  • Kafan

Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine

This roatry barrel tumbling machine is made of wood materials, which is suitable for suface treatment of fragile parts, such as polishing glass, etc

Barrel tumbling machine features a basically simple and convenient equipment that stands up to a low purchase cost. Comparing to other finishing system, the barrel tumbler creates much higher cutting force applying to tough jobs, such as removing heavy burrs, sharp edges, cleaning thick scales and rust, a particularly suitable solution for forging and stamping parts. With perfect polishing and deburring results, the barrel finisher is can operates a variety of metal or non-metal parts in batches, improving working efficiency 5-10 times.

rotary barrel tumbling machine

Barrel Tumbling Machine Features:

1. Frequency adjustable is applied to multiple cleaning and burnishing requirements while ensures the running stability.

2. A specially designed discharging slope fully empty the barrel as well as facilitates the operation cycles

3. Durable and corrosion-resistant rubber lining of the polishing barrels eliminate the impingement such as copper, iron, stainless steel products.

4. The tumbling action of the entire load on the barrel produces uniform and even surface of parts while can not achieved by hand.

5. The barrel equipment using parts and media grinding is an environment-friendly mass finishing solution with low noise.

Barrel Finishing Equipment Specifications

Model CL-100 CL-160 CL-300
Capacity 100L 160L 300L
Motor Power 1.1kw 1.5kw 3.0kw
Speed 50r/min 50r/min 50r/min
Lining Thickness 6-12min 6-12min 6-12min
Weight 200kg 250kgs 300kgs
Size(L*W*H) 820*760*100mm 1000*800*1100mm 1200*950*1350mm

Barrel Tumbling Machine Application:

Polishing, chamfering, deburring, removing contamination, corrosion, mill scale and unqualified coatings and other light or heavy finishing. Product range:

  • Stainless steel, iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, magnesium alloy after stamping, die-casting, casting, forging.

  • Wire, ceramic, jade, coral, synthetic resin, plastic, porcelain

barrel finishing.png

The barrel finishing machine using a variety of tumbling machine to operating different workparts. The mass finishing media is in different materials and shapes:

  • Oblique Cylindrical White Corundum

  • Oblique Triangle White Corundum

  • Resin Abrasive

  • Plastic Abrasive

  • Oblique Triangle Brown Corundum

  • Ball Shape White Corundum

  • Ball Shape Stainless Stell

  • Alumina Ceramic Cylinder

mass finishing media.jpg

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