120L Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine

Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine offers high effect and performance for polishing small products which are complex shape products, or with big burrs
  • CL-W120L


The centrifugal disc finishing machine designed for quick loading & unloading products

Centrifugal disc finishing systems have better finishing performance than vibratory polisher

Improve the deburring and polishing effect at 15 to 30 times. Save time and material cost.

Especially suitable for small to medium products which are complex shape products, with big burrs, or thick oxide coatings.


Capacity Diameter 700mm Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine
Capacity  120L
Allowed load 50L
Speed 40-200 r/min
Motor 5.5kw


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* Use a circular drum with a bottom disc to rotate, resulting in rolling movement of workparts and media. 

* The continuous rotating and flow of workparts and media provides efficient deburring and finishing. 

* The drums and discs are covered with polyurethane linings for continuous use

Using the original creative eddy current flow, the workpiece and the media can achieve rapid and full friction.

* Rotary motor is speed-adjustable motor, choose speed according to the demands, equip with digital timer, easy to operate, 

* This Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine can check the workpiece processing anytime.  

* Its special seal design prevents the intrusion of smaller workpieces and cutting objects, effectively prolongs the life of the motor. 

 Applicable workpieces of centrifugal dis finishing                                                       

Mass finishing for screws, gears, jewelry, hardware or other small accessories.

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 Mass finishing media for centrifugal disc finishing                                                     

Oblique Cylinderical White Corundum, Oblique Triangle White Corundum,

Oblique Triangle Brown Corundum, Alumina Ceramic Cylinder, etc.

mass finishing media.jpg