50L Centrifugal Disc Finishing System

Centrifugal Disc Finishing System offers high effect and performance for polishing small products which are complex shape products, or with big burrs
  • CL-W50L


Centrifugal Disc Finishing System is suitable for small workpieces and high-precision grinding and polishing requirements, superb grinding effect, fantasy finishing efficiency. The machine can be widely used in stamping parts, machining parts, casting forgings, heat treatment parts in metal, plastic, ceramics and other material to achieve deburring, chamfering, descaling, polishing or other surface furnishing processes, especially for the complex shape, easy deformation pieces providing the best finishing equipment.


Model CL-W50L Centrifugal Disc Finishing System
Capacity Diameter 500mm 
Capacity  50L
Allowed load 25L
Speed 45-250 r/min
Motor 2.2kw


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1. Centrifugal Disc Finishing System has superb efficiency, enhance work efficiency 15-30 times.

2. Suitable for small and medium-sized parts of the surface grinding and polishing, in particular solve the problem of thin and wire-shaped parts overlapping and embedding

3. Centrifugal Disc Finishing System with no vibration, low noise,  rotary bottom disc speed can be adjusted according to requirements.
4. The inside of fixed polishing chamber and rotary bottom disc are made of  wear-resistant PU plastic material.

5.Powder coated external surface, anti-aging, anti-acid and corrosion resistance. Rotary plate and fixed barrel are aluminum alloy material, light weight, wear-resistant.

 Applicable workpieces of centrifugal dis finishing                                                      

Mass finishing for screws, gears, jewelry, hardware or other small accessories.

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 Mass finishing media for centrifugal disc finishing                                                      

Oblique Cylinderical White Corundum, Oblique Triangle White Corundum,

Oblique Triangle Brown Corundum, Alumina Ceramic Cylinder, etc.

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