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Case 1:
Product: Automatic Rotary Blasting Machine

Customer Location: UK
Application:Brake Calipers
The UK customer requires an automated blasting machine for processing the brake caliper of motorcycle and other parts, they pursue uniform finishing quality and higher output, thus we customized a rotary indexing table blasting machine for batch production.
Case 2:
Product: Wet Vapor Blast Cabinet

Customer Location: Austrialia
Application: Auto Parts
The Australian customer purchased our wet blast cabinet for removing rust and refurbish the car parts, which results in a extremely clean and bright surfaces. Wet blasting meets highest finishing requirements. View More...
Case 3:
Product: Automatic Conveyor Blaster
Customer Location: India
Application: Small Parts
The client applies this automatic conveyor sand blasting machine for batch processing of small parts, greatly improving the producivity comparing with manual blasting. . View More...
Case 4:
Product: Automatic Blast Cabinet
Customer Location: Hungary
Application: Alloy Wheels
This automatic blasting cabinet with turntable for Hungary customer, they are the wheel refurbishment workshop and apply this machine for the wheels' rust cleaning, painting removing and oxide layer stripping. View More...
 Case 5:
Product: Auto Rotary Indexing Table Blast Machine
Customer Location: Turkey
Application: Cooking Pan/Air Fryer
One of our Turkey client ordered this Automatic multiturntable sandblaster for blasting their air fryer/pan. It is an ideal appliation for round parts, like pan, cooker, bottles, plates,etc. View More...
Case 6:
Product: Automatic Conveyor Sandblaster
Customer Location: Malaysia
Application: Aluminium Plates
The automatic conveyor belt sandblasting system is ideal for flat shapes parts with continuous batch processing. It ensures producitity and consistency. View More...
Case 7:
Product: Vibratory Finishing Bowl
Customer Location: Canada
Application: Polishing & Deburring
The vibratory polishing and deburring bowl exported by a Canada customer is specially designed with a electric control cabinet for speed adjusting, which shows our customized ability to meet various demands.
Case 8:
Product: Conveyor Belt Blast Machine
Customer Location: Vietnam
Application: Car Wheel
8. This is also an automatic conveyor belt blast machine made for Vietnam customer, who applies this equipment to blasting ceramic tiles, which achieves a large production and greatly reduce manpower.


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