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Automatic Tumble Blasting Machine

Automatic Tumble Basket(barrel) Blast Machine is suitable for batch processing of small parts with manual or automatic operation, such as: bakelite products, screws, small pieces of hardware products, plastic products, buttons, zippers, acrylic.
  • KF-1080ZL

  • Kafan

  • Tumble Blast Machine


Tumble Basket & Barral Blasting Machine, Automatic Sand Blasting Machine

Automatic tumble basket blasting machine is designed for preparing the surface of identical small sizes parts in high-production. Batch processing ensures small parts to be deburred, or cleaned with minimal labor efforts, as well as creates excellent uniformity. Optimal surface finishes can be achieved by initially varying media, tumbling speed, blast duration, blasting pressures, and media flow.

Automatic Tumble Blasting Machine Features

1. The blast guns can be set automatic or manual working for multi finishing purposes.

2. The size of the tumbling barrel, the quantity of blasting guns can be designed according to user requirements,

3. The user can choose single gun or multi-gun work according to the quanlity of parts, each blasting gun is individually controlled via electric.

4. The tumbling barrel is set automatic rotation in 360 degree for entire sandblasting, rotary speed is variable frequency controlled.

5. The cartridge filter dust collector ensures only clean and dustfree air discharged outside, and leaving the working cabinet a clear view, as well as increasing the the recyling of pure abrasives.

6. Tumble blast system equips with an discharge chute make it simple to empty the basket

tumble basket blasting machine tumble sand blasting machine

Automatic Tumble Blasting Machine Specifications

Model KF-1080ZL
Ouer Dimensions:  1200mm * 1250mm * 1800mm (L * W * H)
Working Cabinet size: 1000mm * 800mm * 800mm (L * W * H)
Tumble Bascket Diameter:  500mm (can be customized) 
Blasting gun 2pcs with boron carbide nozzles
Basket Rotating Speed: 8 rev / min (can be installed frequency control)
Basket Rotating Motor: 220V/380V (customize as local)
Dust Collector System: Pulse Jet Cartridge Filter
Air Pressure 2-7bar (kg / cm2)
Air flow:  1.5-2.0m3 / min
Sandblast gloves:  1 pair
Loading Capacity:  1-20KG
Lighting:  13W LED explosion-proof lamps
Total Equipment weight:  300KG

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