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Tumble Basket Blast Cabinet, Automatic Sand Blast Cabinet

Suitable for batch production of small workparts, such as hardware, screws, electronic components. Automatic blasting process replaces hand operation, greatly save manpower and increase productivity.
  • KF-1080ZL

Tumble Basket Blast Cabinet, Automated Sand Blast Cabinet

The tumble basket blast cabinet is designed for surface treatment of high volumes of small workpieces. as the basket tumbles the blasting guns can be set manual or auromatic for batch processing. The random tumbling action ensures that all parts in the basket are completely sandblasted

tumble basket blast cabinet

This easy automatic blast cabinet greatly saves manpower to increase productivity and provide superior effect,  ideal for processing small parts like zipper head, screws, small hardwares, gears, saw blades and circular shafts, etc,  to remove burs, scratches, rust, dirts from surfaces.

automated blast cabinet application

Automatic Tumble Basket Blast Cabinet Features

  • Blasting time, basket tumbling speed all can be adjusted on demands of different applications

  • Blasting gun can be set manual or automatic working, each gun configured with durable boron carbide nozzles.

  • An automatic blow-off is done after the blasting process to remove abrasive from workpieces

  • Built with filter dust collector effectively removes dust creating good visibility of working chamber.

  • Enclosed cabinet design without dust leakage, ensures a healthy and safe working environment.

small parts sandblasting basketsandblasting machine dust collector

Automatic Tumble Basket Blast Cabinet Specifications

Model KF-1080ZL
Outer Size Length1200*Width1250*Height1800mm
Working Chamber Size Length1000*Width800*Height800mm
Basket Size 450*300 mm
Basket Loading Capacity 20kg
Dust Colletor Power 550W, cartridge filter type
Tumbling Basket Motor 220V/50HZ/200W
Power Supply 380V 3Phase(customized)
Compressed Air Source 5-7bar(kg/cm^2)
Machine Weight 380kg

How does sandblasting tumbler work for batch parts processing?

Simply load the workpieces into the tumble basket, close the door, set the blasting time, turn on the dust collector and start the machine, the pieces in the basket will be automatically and entirely cleaned.

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