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Manual Powder Coating Booth, Powder Paint Booth

This is an economical manual powder booth which that has incorporated the highly efficient filter cleaning system, designed for improved working environmental conditions. It require least maintenance for there are fewer parts that are subject to wear and tear.
Working size: Width2300 x Depth1500 x Height1500mm
  • COLO-2315

  • Kafan


COLO-2315 Manual Powder Coating Paint Booth

The mode COLO-2315 spray booth is an popular model for manual powder coating application using with manual powder coating gun and curing oven, applicable for batch production of parts like car wheels, bike frames, etc.

The collector module is built with 4 pcs cartridge filters that effectively capture powder overspray, whose automatic pulse cleaning mechanism prevents powder accumulation and allows high powder recovery rate.

powder coating spray booth for sale

Working Process of Powder Coating Paint Booth

The booth function is based on a powerful exhaust air system, which aspirates air from the booth interior through filter cartridges. The resulting negative pressure produces an airflow from the outside of the booth to the inside, thus preventing powder from escaping into the environment. 

When air flow passing across the operator and parts, the suspended overspray powder accumulates on the cartridge filters installed in the powder booth, thus only particle-free air is discharged to the atmosphere.

A PLC controller with preset processings that activates air purging valves to clear the cartridge filters of accumulated in order to ensure max filter life. Pneumatic pulsing system with adjustable cleaning duration and interval will assist in removing the powder from the filter.

Manual Powder Coating Booth Specifications

Mode COLO-2315

Operating Dimension

Width2300 * Depth1500 * Height1500mm 

Overall Dimension

Width2550 * Depth2100 * Height2240mm



Power supply


Nominal power



380V/220V (As Local)





Filters count

4 (325*900mm)

Filters hang type

easy for change

Filter cleaning system


Air consumption



12 months

Manual Powder Coating Booth Components

powder coating booth for wheel - 副本


Uses high precision filters made from 100% polyester, effectively capature even 0.1 micron superfine powder particles,  whose cleaning is achieved by automatic pulse-jetting system controlled through soleniod valves, ensures consistent airflow and extends filter life,

powder coating booth

2.Collecting Hopper

After booth cleaning, the accumulated powders in the filter will be discharged into a collecting hopper beneath the unit which can be rolled away for emptying and re-using. It simplifies the reclaim operation and increases the powder purity.

powder coat booth (2)

3. Fan

Air flow is pulled in through the open front, across the painter and parts being sprayed, and then exhausted outside through the filter 

4 kw fan with 6600Nm3/h extraction volume control air uniformly through all the booth and recirculating back into the facility free of particle.

powder coating booth controller

4.PLC Control

PLC panel offers all functions and advantages you need. It controls the fan motor stop and start, sets the pulse-jet parameters to clean the filter, lifts the bottom powder funnel, etc. A quite easy-to-use control system especially for beginners.

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