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Small Scale Powder Coating Equipment

CL-191ST-H Small scale powder coating equipment with portable hopper is ideal for small business jobs or laboratory use. Advanced model provides quality finish. Affordable price, high performance.

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Small Scale Powder Coating Equipment, Laboratory Powder Coating Gun

CL-191ST-H budget-saving powder coating equipment with 10 lbs hopper is ideal for small business jobs or laboratory use. Comes with 100kv powerful manual spray gun providing high performance and long lasting work, and digital controller for quality finish for metal parts, such as wheels, frames, vehicles parts, profiles, iron-art products etc. 

small powder coating equipment for sale

Excellent Features of CL-191S Powder Coating Machine

1) Advanced technology, All digital display and data adjusting, high powder transfer efficiency.

2) Especially suitable for coating complicated work-pieces and good corner penetration,result perfect effect.

3) Three pre-setting modes for beginners choose, flat parts-coating, corner-coating, re-coating.

4) Allows advanced users create and store 20 kinds of personalized applications programs.

powder coating equipment controller

You will get below accessories after you receive the powder coating equipment,

1) Powder gun controller

2) Manual spray gun (installed 100kv HV cascade

3) Flat spray nozzle, round spray nozzle with different diameter deflectors.

4) Powder coating injectors with sleeves

5) moisture filter

6) 5 meters powder hose

7) D20xH30cm 10lbs stainless steel hopper with fluidizing function.

8) Air pipes and connections

9) Gounded wire.

 you can directly use it after a simple electric and pneumatic connection.

Electrical Data

Gun Weight 500G
Rated output voltage 24VDC
Input voltage    -200KV
Maximum output current 180Ua(max)
Maximum output voltage0-100K(adjustable)

Pneumatic data

Maximum powder injection 600g/min
Polarity negative
Maximum input-air pressure 10kg/cm
Optimum input-air pressure6kg/cm 
Optimum input-air pressure4kg/cm
Maximum water vapor content or compressed air1.4g/N m3  
Maximum oil vapor content of compressed air   0.1ppm
Maximum compressed-air consumption13.2 m3/h
Temperature range in use-10 ºC+50 ºC

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