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Batch Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

The vibratory tub system is perfect for finishing large, long and sensitive work pieces, like marble pieces, it offers more aggressive grinding force, which reduce the working time and greatly enhance the finishing efficiency.
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Batch Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

The tub vibratory finishing machine is ideal for batch processing large, long work pieces, like marble pieces, machine shells. The tube can be divided into several smaller compartment for separate processing, in order to meet the demands of using different abrasives in individual space or keep parts from contacting with each other, 

tube vibratory finishing machine (4) - 副本

Tub Vibratory Finiishing Machine Features

1. Vibratory tube offers more aggressive grinding force comparing with vibratory bowl, which reduce the working time and greatly enhance the finishing efficiency. 

2. Achieve semi-automatic by electric control system, observing parts at any time during the processing of surface finishing.

3. With high wear-resistant polyurethane lined in the vibratory container to increase the service life of more than 5 times as well as avoiding collisions on the wall and and reduce the noise.

4. The size of vibratory tube can be customized according to the requirements, the number of partitions in the tube can also be provided as request.

tube vibratory finishing machine (2)tube vibratory finishing machine (3)

Tub Vibratory Finiishing Machine Specifications (different models for choice)




Line thickness


Net Weight


Motor Power


Inner Chamber 


Outer Size


1000X400X460 1600X440X750
KF-500 500 22 1200 2*2.2 1170×690×680 2450×1000×955
KF-700 700 22 1600 2*4.0 2200×730×645 3662×970×1080
KF-1200 1200 22 2100 2*5.5 2000×750×854 3000×1050×1100
KF-1800 1800 25 2800 2*5.5 2020×1120×940 3500×1336×1256
KF-2800 2800 30 4000 2*9.0 1580×1510×1372 3500×1336×1256

 How does tub vibratory finishing machine work?