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Vibratory Tub Finishing Machine for Sale

Ideally suited for the larger component. Machines can be adapted with divider plates to separate components where damage must not occur.
  • KF-200
  • Kafan

Vibratory Tub Finishing Machine with Divider Plate

Especially suitable for long-shaped parts or delicate components finishing which are likely to damage part to part as the tub chamber can be sectioned with divider plates.

Vibratory finishing is a technique to surface improve components made in various materials by combining the machines unique action, with associated finishing medias and compounds, processes can be  descaling, cleaning, rounding, deflashing and polishing

tube vibratory finishing machine (2)tube vibratory finishing machine (3)

Vibratory Tub Finishing Machine Standard Configurations

  • A trough container with high wear-resistant polyurethane lining 

  • PU lining wall increase the service life of more than 5 times and reduce the noise. 

  • A heavy-loaded base with springs uniformly arranged

  • Specially designed with high performance electric vibration motor

  • Tub sizes can be customized based on requirements

  • Available with custom quantities of divider devices

Vibratory Tub Finishing Machine Optional Configurations include:

  • PLC Controls.

  • Variable speed control.

  • Acoustic suppression covers.

  • Chemical additive dosing.

  • Effluent control.

VIbratory Tub Finishing Machine Specifications




Line thickness


Net Weight


Motor Power


Inner Chamber 


Outer Size


1000X400X460 1600X440X750
KF-500 500 22 1200 2*2.2 1170×690×680 2450×1000×955
KF-700 700 22 1600 2*4.0 2200×730×645 3662×970×1080
KF-1200 1200 22 2100 2*5.5 2000×750×854 3000×1050×1100
KF-1800 1800 25 2800 2*5.5 2020×1120×940 3500×1336×1256
KF-2800 2800 30 4000 2*9.0 1580×1510×1372 3500×1336×1256

 How does tub vibratory finishing machine work? 

After processed by vibratory tube, not only the original shape and position accuracy is maintained, but also the surface roughness of the part is reduced by 1 ~ 2 degree. After vibratory finishing, the surface microhardness of the part is improved,whose internal stress also can be eliminated to some extent the fatigue strength is improved.