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  • After each grinding operation, stop for a period of time, use this time, to clean the grinding machine, otherwise the residual grinding fluid and grinding water will dry up, hard, causing damage to the machine.To regularly check all parts of the lubrication and add lubricating oil, should be vibrati


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  • 1, Must wear protective clothes before sandblasting work, not allowed to be in bare, operators not less than two people.2, Gas storage tank, pressure gauge, safety valve must to be regularly checked. The gas storage tank emits dust once two weeks, the filter in the abrasive funnel must be checked on


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  • With the wide application of the sandblasting machine, operators may happen to some breakdowns during the using that trouble them a lot.The blasting machine will not be able to continue used if not solved in time. Let's take a look at the common breakdowns and remedies.The compressed air is off.Too


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  • Sandblasting cabinet can be divided into dry blast cabinet and wet sandblast cabinet, dry blast cabinet is more widely used, wet blast cabinet is also a new innovative type which has a certain market.


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  • How does wet blaster work?Wet sandblaster use a slurry pump to produce a highly mixture of abrasive and water, the pump directly push the mixture to the blast gun with compressed air then blast to the product surface, attain the purpose of removing rust, oxides, contaminants, old coatings, etc. Wet


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  • Negative pressure guns are Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type K. This gun can be equipped with 8mm10mm14mm nozzles. Pressurized spray gun with 8mm10mm13mm14mm nozzle diameter, both with double inlet and single inlet1, negative pressure spray gunThere are A type, B type, C type, K type, with 6mm-14mm(b


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  • As we know, the so-called wet blasting machine uses slurry (abrasive and water mixture) as the finishing media, which is evenly stirred by the slurry pump. Compressed air acts as the acceleration power to feed the slurry to the spray gun and blast out to the object surface through the nozzle for the


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  • The vibration grinder motor burned out the solution: Vibration grinders are generally very stable in quality and rarely subject to after-sales problems. A recent case has been shared for everyone:Due to the long-term vibration of the grinder, the bolts on the motor will be loose to some extent. When


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  • Dust collector of sandblasting equipment, exports to Europe and America.


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