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CL-1212A Industrial Suction Blast Machines

We use the latest technology for our sand blast machine, our cabinets are fully welded with 2mm steel plate with coated surface. Each components has proven reliability, we supply design and manufacture of blasting machine in-house
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CL-1212A Suction sand blasting machine is the most widely used surface finishing equipment for removing old paints, mill scales, burning spot or light burrs to give a smooth and shiny surface. The simple suction system facilitates the operation and requires less maintenance.

Suction blast machine, also called siphon blasting system, with the help of negative pressure ceated by high-speed airflow the blast gun suck the abrasive from the funnel and deliver to the gun nozzle then blast on the workpiece surface. This suction blaster though not powerful as the direct pressure sandblaster, it is the initial economical choice of most light finishes.

Industrial sand blasting machine has overcome a lot of challenges which manual work often encounters, such as cleaning corner and concavities, while blaster can operate any intricate shapes and awkward portions. 

Industrial Blast Machine Features

control system.JPGfan mtor.JPGabrasive funnel.JPG

  • Innovative blast machine is equipped with catridge filter to remove dust caused during blasting and leave a clear working space.

  • With sieveing mesh the pure abrasive will drop into the bottom funnel and get recycled through a connected blasting hose.

  • Well sealed blast cabinet without dust leakage and splash to protect the operator's health and the environment.

  • Use the pressure regulating device which can adjust the pressure precisely, suitable for high quality requirements.

  • The durable blast gun with boron carbide nozzle for long lasting work, an air blowing gun to clean surface after blasting.

Suction Sand Blasting Machine Specifications

Model: CL-1212A
Outer Dimension: Length1200*Width1200*Height1800mm
Working Dimension: Length1200*Width1200*Height800mm
Loading Capacity: Max.500kgs (as request)
Power Supply: 110V/220V/380V/410V/450V(50-60Hz) 
Lighting: 18w Fluorescent
Fan Motor Power: 0.75kw
Compressed Air Pressure: dry and clean compressed air, 3-8 bar(kg/cm^2)
Required Air Flow: 0.5-1.2m^3/min

Suction Blast Cabinet in Different Sizes

Model Outer Dimension(L*W*Hmm) Working Dimension(L*W*Hmm)
CL-6050 830*600*1500 600*500*650
CL-7050 930*700*1500 700*500*650
CL-9060 1030*900*1650 900*600*650
CL-9080 1230*900*1700 900*800*800
CL-1010 1430*1100*1800 1000*1000*800
CL-1212 1620*1300*1800 1200*1200*800

Industrial Sandblasting Machine Applications

1. Pretreatment of electroplating, wet painting, powder coating, enhance surface adhesion. 

2. Cleaning and deburring casting pieces, welding pieces and stamping pieces 

3. Strengthen the surface hardness of metal products, release internal stress. 

4. Refurbishment of vehicle parts, alloy wheels and industrial accessories. 

5. Removal of unqualified coverage, mill scales, imperfections and contaminants. 

6. Matt surface finishing of glass products and other decorated parts.

Why Choose Kafan Blasting machine?

Devoted to world market for over 10 years, Kafan offer you factory-direct manufactured sand blasting machine in high quality and competitive price. With professional sales and production team, we provide blasting equipments in a variety of specifications and styles based on customers' requirements. Such as pressure blast machine,portable blasterwet blasting machineautomatic conveyor blast machine

To pursue best performance, we use the latest technology for our blast components, our cabinets are fully welded with 2mm steel. Each component has proven reliability, we design and manufacture in-house. Each cabinet is fully equipped with high quality components that both have been designed and tested by us for optimal performance., by all of which we ensure 1 year warranty period for any quality problem. For sea shipping, we will strictly packed in film and foam first, with wooden case outside to make sure it is safe and intact to your country.

sandblasting machine production


1. Imported main components. High quality material. Coated surface, anti-rust and long lifespan.

2.One year warranty, any quality problems with the parts, we will provide replacement for free. (not including wearing parts)

3 Build wearing parts warehouse to meet customers demands and offer customer equipment maintenance knowledge.

4. Free technical consulting services before and after sales, professional international sales team, speak English, Spanish, German.


1)Q: Are you manufacturer or distributor?

   A: Kafan is professional manufacturer of surface finishing equipment with 10 years experience

2)Q: How can we place the order?

    A: You can inquiry us now, then we can talk by email, or whatsapp, or skype.

3)Q: How do we make payment?

    A: For big amount, we accept T/T by bank, for small amount, we also accept paypal and western union.

4)Q: Can you ship for customers?

    A: Yes, we can. We accept CIF, CFR, DDP, etc, we can ship for you.

    We also accept FOB, EXW, etc, customer can assign their own shipping agent.

5)Q: What is the delivery time?

     A: Normally  it is 5-7 working days

6)Q: What about the warranty time?

    A: One year.

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