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Multi-station Manual Sand Blast Cabinet, Large Sandblasting Equipment

Multi station manual sand blast cabinet, designed with multiple sandblasting job positions, usually two or three stations, allows one or more users operate at the same time, the large internal space can be applied for oversized workpieces within a certain range.

  • CL-2810-3
  • Large Sandblasting Equipment

Multi-station Manual Blast Cabinet, Large Sandblasting Equipment

Multi-station manual sand blast cabinet, designed with three or two sandblasting positions  one or more users can operate at the same time, large internal space will be ideal for oversized workpieces, 

The manual blast equipment is suction sandblasting type, which uses the compressed air flow in the blast gun producing negative pressure. The abrasive sucked into the gun through the hose and then blasted from the nozzle to the workpiece surface.The blasted abrasives will impact and grind with the surface, whose action removes the impurities, rust, oxide layer orother contaminants from the surface. 

large sandblasting equipment

Detailed Introduction of Multi-station Sand Blast Cabinet 

1. Cartridge filter remove system effectively collect dust, and ensures only clean and dustless air discharged to the atmosphere

2. Pressure regulators, filters, solenoid valves and other major components are high-quality brand, guarantee long lifespan.

3. Blasting gun is aluminum alloy casting with boron carbide nozzle, durable and reducing fatigue of sandblasting operators. 

4. There is an abrasive funnel at the bottom of the blast cabinet, used abrasives can be recycled to reduce consumption.

5. Foot pedal switch to control the work of blasting gun, which reduces the user’s fatigue, facilitates the operation and ensures the safety.

Specifications of Three Station Sand Blast Cabinet for reference:

Model:              CL-2810-3         
 Dimensions:             Length2100*width1000*Height1800mm       
Work cabin size:             2095*995*800mm            
Power:              220V/380 50Hz/60Hz (customized)            
Body plate thickness:             2mm            
Cabin lights             220V 13W anti-riot lights            
Separator motor:              220V 50HZ 550W            
Separator power:              1.1KW            
Separator air volume:              4.5m3 / min            
Work piece sandblasting gun:              3 pieces            
Compressed air source:              3-8bar (kg / cm2) flow 0.6-1.0 cubic meters / min.    

What kafan can provide for you:

1. Imported main components, steel plate welded body, high quality material, coated surface, anti-rust, durable and long lifespan.

2. One year warranty, any quality problems with the parts, we will provide replacement for free. (not including wearing parts)

3 Build wearing parts warehouse to facilitate customers who need replacements, offer customer equipment maintenance knowledge.

4. Free technical consulting services before and after sales, and provide equipment update information

sandblasting equipment production

Why choose sandblasting equipment?

By using of different blasting abrasives such as: glass beads, white corundum, steel ball, brown aluminum oxide, ceramic sand, etc. you can achieve various desired surface for subsequent procedure, such as 

  • Remove scratches, improve roughness, clear the surface of all kinds of handicrafts, plastic, metal, furniture, decorative products.

  • Descaling and refurbishing of casting parts, stamping pieces and heat treatment products by sand blast cabinet.
  • Burnishing of all kinds of metal products, glass, plastic arts and crafts, jewelry, glasses, clocks and watches
  • Can be also used for pre-treatment process of electrostatic spraying and electroplating to enhance the adhesion of coating surface.

Just tell us your products and finishing requirements, Kafan will supply you a complete sandblasting solution.

Popular manual blast cabinet, single station, widely used type for gerneral blasting demands, standard size such as CL-1212 (1200*1200*800mm), CL-1010(1000*1000*800mm), CL-1010(900*900*800mm)

Using a slurry pump mix water and abrasive for wet blasting, dustless and producing more delicate surface 

Direct pressure blasting system, delivering much stronger blasting force, works much faster than suction blaster.

Automatic blasting and transporting by continuous belt conveyor, great increase productivity and release manpower.

Devoted to world market for over 10 years, Kafan offer you factory-direct manufactured sand blasting machine in high quality and competitive price. Located in Hangzhou, own a 3000m^2 production base, around 100 employee including professional sales team, techinical team, production team, finance and manage team, quality control team, etc, we have exported to more than 100 countries of surface finishing equipment, we always supply equipments based on both quality and service.

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