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80L Centrifugal Barrel Polishing Machine

Centrifugal barrel polishing machine offers aggressive cutting force to do hard finishing jobs, such as polishing hard metal to get high brightness, remove heavy burrs or contaminants to get smooth surface.
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Centrifugal Barrel Polishing Machine

The CL-W80 centrifugal barrel polishing machine offers “High Energy” deburring and polishing, extremely for hard metal to get high brightness, and parts with big burrs or contaminants. Centrifugal barrel polisher can do the hard jobs in a matter of minutes while it takes hour or even days by manual, it increase working efficiency 15-20 times. What's more, it beats vibratory finisher with stronger grinding force and shorter time cirles.

centrifugal barrel polishing machine

Centrifugal Barrel Polishing Machine Features

1. Centrifugal barrel polisher incorporates four dismountable tumbling barrels, easy to discharge or replace new ones. 

2. Since it is a grinding process, the barrel lining must use wear-resistent PU to reduce impact and extend life

3. An arc-shaped sliding cover shields the base, start the machine with cover closed to ensure safety and keep quiet.

4. Optional frequency adjustable meets different finishing desires from light polishing to heavy deburring or edge cutting.

5. Equipped with electric discharging device, simplifies the operation and increase working efficiency.

centrifugal barrel polishing machine

How does the centrifugal barrel polishing system work?

Each polishing machine contains four barrels that are mounted to a drum. The operator fills the barrel with media, parts and water, roughly 50-90% full. During operation the entire drum rotates like a Ferris wheel. As the speed increases, the media and parts rub against each other randomly and repeatedly, removing heavy burrs, rust, even the smallest imperfections. In a matter of minutes the finishing cycle is complete and the parts are ready to be separated from the media

centrifugal barrels       centrifugal barrel tumbling

Centrifugal Barrel Polishing Machne Application:

To get high precision, smoothness and brightness, batch processing of small to medium sized parts. Like bicycle parts, aerospace components, furniture hardware, clothing hardware, luggage hardware, glasses accessories, watches and locks accessories, electronic accessories, aluminum products, knife and kitchen producs,  all kinds of jewelry and decorative products; Machinery parts, stampings, forgings, castings, heat treatment parts, etc.

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