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Vibratory bowl finishing machine with separator

The Round Bowl Series Vibratory Finishing Machine is widely used for deburring, burnishing, cleaning, descaling, polishing, degreasing, radiusing, applied in operating a variety of workpieces. especially for small parts in large quantities.
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Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machine with Separator

The vibratory bowl finishing machine are capable of using a wide variety of medias and compounds to attain the desired finish. The KF-450AB could contain 450L volume of medias which meet the demands of big finishing productivity. 

The special designed separator with screens achieve high degree of automation of the finishing job, it could automatically separate the parts from medias requiring less manual cost.

vibratory finishing machine

Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machine Features:

  • The vibratory finishing bowl use special 3 phase vibrating motor, good performance, less maintenance and cost-effective.

  • Vibratory finishing machine with strong amplitude high cutting force, suitable for large quantities of small to medium sized workpiece

  • Deburring & polishing process will not destroy the original size and shape of the workpiece, a widely used mass finishing equipment

  • The inner chamber of the high quality vibratory finishing equipment use PU linning, avoid the impact between parts and inner wall.

  • Can be customized according to requirements, frequency control, time control, plus environmental protection cover noise work.

deburring bowl

Parts-Media Separator for Vibratory Finishing Machine

At the final deburrong circle, operator reverses the rotational direction of the motor and the contents in bowl will move in the opposite direction. Through the spiral bottom design, the contents climb to the screen system while the tumbling media will drop through the screen hole back to the bowl, leaving the finished parts automatically discharged. The separation of workparts and media makes it possible to fully automate the finishing process after loading parts.

Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machine Specifications

Model Capacity Motor Power Speed Amplitude Rubber Machine Weight Size
kw (r/min) (mm) lining(mm) kg L*W*H(mm)
KF-150(AB) 150 2.2-3.0 1450 0.8-4 6-15 290 1150*1100*900
KF-250(AB) 250 3 1450 0.8-6 6-20 350 1150*1100*900
KF-350(AB) 350 5.5 1450 0.8-7 6-20 480 1450*1350*1050
KF-450(AB) 450 5.5 1450 0.8-7 6-20 580 1600*1430*1050
KF-650(AB) 650 7.5 1450 0.8-8 6-20 1250 2000*1850*1300

Application of Vibratort Bowl Finishing Machine

  • The vibratory bowl finishing machine can be used for a variety of applications: deburring, descaling, rounding of corners, cleaning, polishing, smoothing, general surface improvement.  

  • For mass production of small to medium sized products, the polishing machine supports all kinds of materials: metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, glass, wood and rubber products

  • Mainly used in bicycles parts, aerospace components, heat treated parts, aluminum die casting parts, zinc die casting parts, furniture hardware accessories, clothing hardware accessories, luggage hardware accessories, glasses accessories, watches and clocks accessories, electronic accessories, all kinds of jewelry and decoration products

vibratory polishing  vibratory finishing vibratory mass polishing vibratory deburring vibratory tumbling

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