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Rotary Table Automatic Batch Sandblaster for Cookware

Suitable for batch processing of inner and outer surfaces of round disc, cylinder and polygon shape product. Automatic sandblasting improve production capacity and application quality
  • KF-1412-8A
  • Kafan

Rotary Table Automatic Sandblaster Machine

This rotary table type automatic sandblaster is specially designed for round cookware products, such as aluminum pot, pan, baking tray, etc. It achieves continuous batch production with even surface effect and quality consistency.

Automatic batch sandblaster

How rotary table blast machine works?

It is configured with an indexing turntable that fitted with a certain quality of evenly spaced small revolving stations which are clampped with workparts. The indexing table intermittently rotates to present the workparts in accurate position and for a precise amount of time in front of the blast guns for automatic processing.

Automatic Sandblasting Machine Features

1. Indexing table and small station rotates synchronously that ensures workparts are entirely cleaned.

2. The blast guns can be set for fixed blasting or swinging blasting with adjustable speed and angle.

3. Small working turntables drives through an independent motor, stepless speed regulation by converter

4. High automation and accuracy task controlled by PLC system, guarantee the balanced uniform blasting effect, as well as safe production

5. Specially fixtures can be customized for quick and solid clipping to improve efficiency.

6. Cyclone and cartridge filter unit are used to separate the dust from blasted abrasives and collect the dust to prevents air pollution.

auto sandblasting machine automatic sandblasting gun

Automatic Sandblaster automatic sandblasting

Automatic Sandblaster sandblasting machine PLC

Automatic Sandblasting Machine Technical Parameters:

Model: CL-1512-8A
Overall Dimension 1200x1500x2000mm
Dust Collector Size 1200x1200x1700mm
Index Turntable Size Dia 1000mm x Thick 15mm
Qty of Small Turntables 8pcs
Small Turntable Size 150/180mm
Loading Capacity of Small Turntable 20kgs
Max. Size of Parts Allowed Dia 250mm x Height 350mm
Qty of Blast Guns 8pcs
Blast Gun Nozzle Durable Boron Carbide
Power Supply 380V/220V As required
Total Power 7kw
Machine Weight 3850kgs

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