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Automatic Rotary Spindle Sand Blasting Machine for Luggage Cases

Kafan is able to sypply a custom-engineered automatic blasting system to optimze the precision and uniformity of surface preparation for any kinds of workparts.
  • KF-1313-8A

  • Kafan


Automatic Rotary Spindle Sand Blasting Machine for Luggage Case

With turntable or spindle mounting, vertical and horizontal gun swinging, the rotary spindle blasting system can be configured to suit almost any sandblasting process, minimising manual intervention and providing repeatable and consistent results.

rotary spindle blasting machine

Why choose a rotary spindle blasting system?

In addition to quick removal of surface oxidation, automatic blasting can effectively blend-in light scratches or superficial imperfections, giving a desired texture that contributes subtly to the final appearance of the component and produce an overall uniform surface condition that benefits subsequent finishing processes.

Automated blasting is light and even etching of target surfaces to enable consistent production of a non-reflective matte black finish. The components are essentially cylindrical in shape led to the selection of a rotary spindle blasting machine that uses a fine mineral grit with extremely low iron content.

Automatic Sand Blasting Machine Features

  • The quantity of blast guns can be customized as required, 2pcs, 3pcs, 4pcs or more.

  • Each blast gun can be set manual or automatic working with adjustable swinging angle and speed 

  • Designed with media recovery system that help you reduce ongoing costs, with cyclone separator to classify media for re-using.

  • The cartridge filter type dust collectors removing dusts to improve working inspection and help media recovery

  • The smart control panel combines all functions, blast time setting, blast gun working and dust removing, etc.

  • An automatic side door is provided to facilitate the operation of loading and unloading workparts.

 automatic sand blasting machine automatic sand blaster

KF-1313-8A Automatic Rotary Spindle Blasting Machine Specificatios for Reference 



Working chamber dimension(L*W*H):


Power supply:

220V/380V, 50HZ (voltage can be customized as local)

Machine light power:

220V, LED* 2 

Compressed air source:


Air flow:

0.8-3m3/min dry and clean compressed air

Separator air volume:


Dust removal method

Cartridge Filter Type

Blasting cabinet net weight


Size can be made as customer's requests

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