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Automated Grit Blasting Machine, Conveyor Sandblasting System

Automated grit blasting machine with chamber size 1100x1400x1000mm allows batch of workparts passing through for continuous surface finishing.
  • KF-3810-12A
  • Belt Conveyor Blast Machine

Automated Grit Blasting Machine, Conveyor Sandblasting System

The automated grit blasting machine with belt conveyor is designed for continuous sandblasting of flat shape workparts, such as metal plates, glass plates, aluminum pan, phone shell, notebook mainboard, etc

Automatic continuous conveying and blasting realizes a required big output with uniform quality. The conveyor blasting system can be customized in different sizes to suits your products and production.

Automated Grit Blasting Machine Features

1. The belt speed of automatic sandblast machine is frequency-adjustable controlled

2. The quantity of blasting guns can be configured 8pcs, 12 pcs, 16 pcs or more,  Nozzles in wear-resistant boron carbide material. 

3. Each blast gun is individual controlled with adjustable swinging speed and angle.

4. Using advanced PLC control system achieves high automation and stability, low failure rate.

5. Independent filter dust collector, powerfully remove dust, keeps the working chamber dustless and increases abrasive recyling rate.

automated blasting gun
Automated Blasting Guns
PLC Control Panel
Dust Collector
Dust Collector

Automated Conveyor Sandblasting Machine Specifications

Model             KF-3814-12A            
Outer Size             L3800mm * W1400mm * H2139mm            
Working Chamber Size             L1400mm * W1100mm * H1000mm        
Size of Feeding Workpiece              W1000mm * H3500mm
Dust Collector Cabin Size             L1200mm * W130mm * H2400mm 
Dust Collector Motor 5.5kw, 1set
Sandblasting Gun             12 pcs(Boron Carbide Nozzle)            
Cleaning Gun             1 pc            

automatic sandblasting applications (1)

Small Metal Parts

automatic sandblasting applications (2)

iPhone Shell

automatic sandblasting applications (3)

Aluminium Profiles

automatic sandblasting applications (1)


automatic sandblasting applications (5)

Glass Plates

automatic sandblasting applications (4)

Aluminim Plates