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Roller Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine, Automatic Blasting System

The roller comveyor sandblasting machine configured with upper and lower 2 blasting stations, allows the 2 groups of blasting guns cleaning surfaces from upper and bottom sides, iwhich is deal for surface finishing plate shape, tube shape or profile shapes.
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Roller Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine for Top and Bottom Surfaces

The automatic sandblaster allows workparts' double faces or all dimentional surfaces to be cleaned with upper blast gun group and lower blast gun group, thus it reduces manual labor to turn over the workparts and greatly increases processing efficiency. 

Roller Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine Applications

The specially-designed roller conveyor sand blasting machine is ideal for surface treatment of steel plates, aluminium plates, square tube, round tube, aluminium profiles, etc, which require upper and uder suface to be cleaned, likes removing rust/old paints, repairing scratches or strenthening surface adhesion. 

conveyor blasting machine for steel plates sandblasting steel plates

Automatic Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine Benefits

  • Only requires to manually operate the control system, load and unload the workpiece. 

  • Continuous conveying blasting features high working efficiency, increase output.

  • Allowing batch processing improve quality consistency, avoids the uneven quality problem.

  • Full-customization available, according to workparts' sizes, shapes and finishing requirements.

  • suitable for products whose width and height within a certain range, while mo limit with the length.

roller conveyor sand blasting machine

Roller Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine Features

Main structure: designed with upper and lower working station, each station has a group of 6pcs automatic guns, blasting surfaces from upper and bottom directions. 3mm durable steel welded with coated surface, designed with observation window, users can observe the entire process and ready to deal with unexpected situations.

sandblasting guns

upper blast guns

sandblasting guns

lower blast guns

automatic sand blasting gun

automatic blast machine

Roller Conveyer: 

roller conveyor

heavy-duty roller conveyor is driven by the motor controlled via frequency converter, and the conveyor speed can be steplessly regulated by the inverter within the range of 1 ~ 5m / min. The actual speed is set depending on process requirements of workpieces.

PLC Control System

PLC control

The automatic sandblaster applies advanced PLC control system achieves high automation and stability, guarantees the balanced uniform blasting effect, as well as safe production. The user-friendly touching screen unterface facilitate the operation.

Automatic Blast Guns

automatic sandblasting guns

The blast gun adopts linkage swinging mechanism, whose swinging angle and distance can be adjusted according to the requirements. Each blast gun can be individually comtrol via PLC. Aluminum alloy material with durable boron carbide nozzles ensures longer service life.

Filter Dust Collector Unit

sandblasting dust collector

Dust Collector: Independent dust collector consists of 6 pcs cartridge filter stage and 7.5kw fan motor for effectively dust removing, powerfully remove dust, keeps the working chamber a clear view and increases abrasive recyling rate, as well as ensures only dust-free air vented that causes no pollution for environment.

Roller Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine Specifications

Overall size Length3100mm * Width3692mm * Height3306mm
Dust collector size


Suitable workpiece width≤600mm, height≤400mm, no limit to length
Conveyor speed 1~5m/min, stepless speed regulation
Conveyor motor
0.75kw, 2 sets
Blasting gun 12pcs, each side with 6pcs
Gun swinging motor 0.4kw, 2sets
Nozzle material Boron carbide nozzles.
Cartridge filter 6pcs, 100% polyester
Dust collector motor 5.5kw
Power supply 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase(voltage can be made as local) 
Total Power 8kw

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