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Mass Finishing Vibratory Deburring Bowl with Media Separation

The Vibratory Deburring Bowl is the most economical and simple mass finishing machine, greatly reduce labor cost, also results in more uniform and more sparkle effect while manpower can not. The automatic media and parts separation results in continuous deburring cycles.
  • KF-150AB
  • kafan

Mass Finishing Vibratory Deburring Bowl

The Vibratory deburring bowl is the most economical and simple mass finishing machine to achieve various purpose, such as deburring, polishing, descaling, rediusing, smoothing. The deburring bowl greatly reduce labor cost, also results in more uniform and more sparkle effect while manual work can not do it.

vibratory deburring bowl

Vibratory Deburring Bowl with Media Separation

At the final deburrong circle, operator reverses the rotational direction of the motor and the contents in bowl will move in the opposite direction, by the spiral bottom design, the contents climb to the screen system while the tumbling media will drop through the screen hole back to the bowl, leaving the finished parts automatically discharged. This separator achieves continuous tumbling circles, 

    deburring bowl with separator

Vibratory Deburring Bowl Features

  • It is possible to fully automate the mass finishing process after loading parts though the parts-media separation system.

  • The finishing screen styles can be customized with according to the product specification and media size.

  • Outwall of the vibratory bowl is durable casting iron,  inner chamber is PU lining which avoids the damage to parts and media.

  • High performance 3 phase heavy-duty vibratory motor offers strong grinding force ensures all parts and surface is polished.

  • The spiral bottom of the vibro bowl supports for better separation and unloading of medias and parts.

  • The deburring bowl comes with an unload chute, allows tumbling medias discharged, without any manual work, 

Vibratory Deburring Bowl Specifications

Mode KF-150(AB) 
Capacity 150L
Motor Power(kw) 2.2-3.0
Speed(r/min) 1450
Amplitude(mm) 0.8-4
Rubber lining(mm) 6-15
Weight(kg) 240kg
Size L*W*H(mm) 1150*1050*900

Vibratory Bowl Finishing Machine Application

  • The vibratory finishing bowl can be used for a variety of applications: polishing, deburring, descaling, chamfering, rounding of corners, cleaning, smoothing, general surface improvement.  

  • For mass production of small to medium sized products, the polishing machine supports all kinds of materials: metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, glass, wood and rubber products

  • Mainly used in bicycles parts, aerospace components, heat treated parts, aluminum die casting parts, zinc die casting parts, furniture hardware accessories, clothing hardware accessories, luggage hardware accessories, glasses accessories, watches and clocks accessories, electronic accessories, all kinds of jewelry and decoration products

Vibratory Finishing Process Advantages:

  • The vibratory finishing does not destroy the original shape and size of the parts, easy sensitive or fragile parts, by using differnt tumbling medias, the vibratory machine  can be used for rought finishing  or precise polishing and deburring.  

  • Irregular-shaped parts or awkward corners can be processed effectively, creates unform and even surfaces of each parts.

  • Applicable for mass production of small to medium size parts, improve work efficiency 6-10 times.

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