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Automatic Belt Conveyor Blast Machine for Mobile Shell

The conveyor belt blast machine is specially suitable for large production of flat parts, like mobile shells, computer motherboard, steel plate, etc. This is a popular automatic blasting solution which provide easy operation and high performance.
  • KF-3510-12A
  • Kafan
  • Conveyor Blast Machine

conveyor sand blast machine

Conveyor Belt Blast Machine, Automatic Sandblast Machine

The conveyor belt blast machine is specially suitable for large production of flat parts, ideal for mobile shells which many customer used, with continuous belt conveyor and automatic gun blasting system, it requires less manpower and results in big productivity.

How does the conveyor blast machine work?

In this automatic blasting system, the operators directly place or fix the work parts on the belt, once the parts is conveyed into the blasting station, the blast gun automatically swinging and blasting in a certain range of angle, ensure the whole surface gets cleaned. After that it will be operated by the air blowing gun for removing the remaining abrasives and dust from the surface, the work parts is finally discharged by manual when comes out from the other end of the conveyor.

Why choose conveyor belt blast machine?

conveyor blast machine

1. The continuous belt blast machine is the most widely used automatic blast system, has a wide application for products like stainless steel plate, profiles, square tube, glass plate, functional DVD panel, notebook computer motherboard, etc.

2. The simple conveyor blasting system requires less maintenance and easy operation, by an economical price you will get outstanding experience of your parts finishing, under the condition of high working efficiency.

3. The surface of the product is clean, has no sticky debris after automatic sandblasting. In particular, automatic sandblasting avoids the uneven blasting effect, chromatic aberration and quality problem. It is best choice of your automated blasting plan.

Conveyor Belt Sandblast Machine Features

  • The speed of conveyor belt is controlled by variable frequency, whose flexibility ensures the optimal finishing result. The swinging angle, the distance between the blasting gun and parts can be adjusted to meet various products demands .

  • An independent dust removing system of the sandblasting machine thoroughly collects dust which creates a clear working view, ensures the recycled abrasive is pure and the air discharged to the atmosphere is dustfree.

  • The machine is installed groups of guns with individually controlled, the quantity can be 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, 12pcs, all based on requirements, also equipped with 2 air-blowing guns to remove dust and abrasives after processing.

  • A dedicated conveyor blast machine can be made for customers according to the size, shape, productivity of their products. Can be equipped with cartridge filter dust collector and cyclone separator for particular needs.

conveyor belt blast machine

Automatic Belt Conveyor Blast Machine for Mobile Shell Application

Automatic Conveyor Blast Machine Specifications

Model: KF-3510-12A
Machine dimensions:  Length3500 *Width1100 *Height3200mm
Working room size:  Length3200*Width1000 *Height650mm
Dust collector size:  Length1000*Width1150*Height1800mm
Dust fan motor power:  3KW 380V 50HZ
Blast gun swing motor: 370W 380V 50HZ
Lighting:  18W fluorescent lamps, 2pcs
The number of  blast nozzles:  12pcs (aluminum alloy body with boron carbide nozzle)
Machine Shell:  2.5mm-6mm cold-rolled steel plate welded
Perspective window:  2 frames
Abrasive funnel 3pcs
Pressure 5-8 bar (kg / cm2)
Air compressor 6.8 cubic meter
Conveyor loading capacity:  50 kg
Total power:  4.75KW 
Total weight:  1.55 tons

kafan blasting equipment

Located in Hangzhou, China, we we own a manufacturing base of 3600 square meter, around 100 employees and 24 sets production equipment, dividing into technical department, sales department, after-sale department, production department, QC department, manage and finance department, etc. As a fast growing company in supplying sandblasting equipment and mass finishing equipment, we devoted all ourselves to offering solution for any surface finishing problems.    

Our products can be divided into two main parts, sandblasting equipment and mass finishing machines.

Sandblasting equipment including: manual sandblasting machine, suction sand blast cabinet, pressure blasting machine, wet abrasive blasting equipment, portable blaster pot, automatic conveyor blast system, tumbler blaster, rotary table blast machine, crawl blast machine.

Mass finishing system including: vibratory polishing & deburring bowl,  vibratory bowl with separator, centrifugal barrel tumbling machine, centrifugal disc finishing system, mass finishing media.
We offer service: Standard Production Models, Customized Design, Before-order Technical Support, Engineer Oversea Installing & Training, Free Sample Testing, 24 hour On-line Consulting, ODM, OEM.

Kafan Sandblasting Equipment Production Process:

1. Design & Drawing: As per customers’ size and application requirement, our engineers design the scheme and make the drawing.

2.CNC machine processing: Process the raw material to be molding with CNC punching machine.

3.Bending: Bend the molding plate by bending machine.

4.Welding: Weld the molding plate after bending by heating, high temperature or high pressure.

5.Preliminary assembly:Assemble the main machine body.

6.Surface coating: Spray the molding plate with plastic powder, then cure in curing oven and get finished parts after cooling.

7.Assembling: Assemble all finished parts to form a complete machine

8.Electricity Connection: Connect the electricity of the machine according to the prepared circuit diagram

9.Testing:Test if the equipment can work normally before leaving factory.

10.Package: Pack with film and foam first, then with wooden cases outside for safe delivering