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Automatic Turntable Wet Blasting Machine

Wet sandblasting machine specially designed with an Automatic-operated turntable for quick, easy and precise blast cleaning.
  • KF-1212W

  • Kafan


Automatic Turntable Wet Blasting Machine

This wet blasting machine is specially designed with an automatic turntable, reduce operator's efforts to handling heavy and big being blasted objects, such as alloy wheels, moulds, castings or other industrial parts, whose rotating speed can be adjust to suit your blast process.

Wet blasting machine works through through the flow of water borne abrasive, which applies a pump agitating abrasive and water then delivering the slurry mixture to blast nozzle, A finer finish is achieved due to the lubrication and flushing action of the water during the blasting process.

automatic wet blasting machine

Wet Blasting Machine Advantages

  • Create dustfree blasting process

  • More precise processing as cleans by flow and not impact

  • Simultaneously degreases and blasts

  • Produces a softer/smoother finish

  • Handling without leaving finger marks

  • Promotes longer media life

  • Avoids media impregnation on softer materials

Kafan Wet Blasting Machine Features

  • Made of 3mm thick stainless steel with powder-coated surface, rigid and anti-rust.

  • Turntable can be manually or automatically rotated with adjustable speed.

  • A well-sealed slurry pump agitates and delivers wet slurry for a continuous blasing process.

  • The glass window with water sprayer and wiper, plus high-output fluorescent lighting provide excellent visibility,

  • Durable wet blast gun with 8mm boron carbide nozzles specially for wet blasting process,

  • Reliable foot pedal controls the working of blast gun to increase operation safety.A demister at the back of the machine for better view of blasting process.

  • Slurry hopper connected with recirculating rinse tank makes water and abrasives recycled to saves cost.

wet blasting machine

Wet Blast Cabinet

wet slurry blasting

Slurry Pump

wet blasting cabinet


Automatic Wet Blasting Machine Specifications

Model KF-1212W 
Working area 1200*1200*800mm
Turntable Size Can be custom made.
Motor  2.2Kw
Air requirement flow 0.5-1.1m^3/min
Light 2*18w saving lamps
Blast Gun 1 pc of wet blast gun with 1 boron cabide nozzle (8mm)
Air consumption for 1 gun 0.4-0.8Mbar
Volume of abrasive & water 25L
Suitable abrasive

Glass beads(for aluminum, stainless steel)

Brown Aluminum Oxide(stell or other)80#-320#

Feed abrasive 4-6kg
Abrasive : Water 1:3
Voltage 380V/220V 3 phase (customized)

wet blasting machine applications

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