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Closed Loop Vapor Blaster Cabinet with Dual Station

Wet blasting is one of the most modern technologies for finishing and cleaning surfaces with highest quality. Kafan closed loop wet blast cabinets deliver the unique benefits of surface treatment technology.
  • KF-1610W

  • Kafan


Closed Loop Vapor Blaster Cabinet with Dual Station

Kafan vapor blaster can be configured with a recirculating rinse tank interconnected to the slurry hopper for a closed loop system. thus running water is not as necessary as possible, and you will not worry about waste water disposal.

This model is specially designed with double working station for operating large products, and allows 2 operators process at the same time to improve efficiency.

wet blast cabinet

What is closed loop system of vapor blaster?

Wet blaster works through a high-capacity slurry pump that agitates water and abrasives into mixture, which is delivered to a high-flow wet-blast gun to hit the surfaces for treatment. A closed loop wet blast cabinet only requires a compressed air supply and a power source to operate. Once you add abrasive and water to the cabinet, you recycle the clean water and abrasive slurry until you want to change it out.

Kafan Vapor Blaster Cabinet Features

  • Made of 3mm thick stainless steel with powder-coated surface, rigid and anti-rust.

  • The glass window with water sprayer and wiper, plus high-output fluorescent lighting provide excellent visibility,

  • Durable wet blast gun with 8mm boron carbide nozzles specially for wet blasting process,

  • Reliable foot pedal controls the working of blast gun to increase operation safety.

  • A demister at the back of the machine for better view of blasting process.

  • Slurry hopper connected with recirculating rinse tank makes water and abrasives recycled to saves cost.

  • Simple structured wet blast cabinet requires less maintenance.

MLF04191 Electric & Pneumatic Control
MLF04196 Wet Blasting Gun
MLF04201 Foot Pedal Switch

MLF04197 Window Washer
MLF04209 Slurry pump & Demister
MLF04207 Recirculation Rinse Tank

The dual-station vapor blaster can be used as a large cabinet or added with a divider for two individual working chamber.

MLF04246 Blasting Chamber
MLF04247 with Turntable

Vapor Blaster Cabinet with Turtable and Cart

The vapor blast cabinet is optionally incorporated a turntable with cart, the turntable is fitted on a track extension used to roll the heavy workparts in and out with minimal force. During working, Users handle the parts through a manual blast gun at the same time rotate the turntable, thus all surfaces and corners can be easily cleaned.


KF-1610W Vapor Blaster Cabinet Specifications

Model: KF-1610W
Dimensions: 1700*1500*800mm
Working cabin size: 1600*1000*800mm
Power: 220V 50HZ
Body plate thickness: 2mm
Cabin lights 220V 13W Energy-saving Lights
Machine weight: 320Kg
Separator motor: 220V 50HZ 550W
Separator power: 0.55KW
Separator air volume: 4.5m3 / min
Work piece sandblasting gun: 2 pieces
Compressed air source: 3-8bar (kg / cm2) flow 0.6-1.0 cubic meters / min. (User-owned)

Standard models of Wet Blasting Cabinet for Choice



(double gun)

KF-1212W KF-1010W KF-9080W KF-7070W
Working size 1600*1000*800mm




900*900*800 mm



Why Choose Kafan Sandblasting Cabinets?

All sand blasting machines were made in house by rich experienced production team of Kafan. To pursue best performance, each blast machine body is steel plate welded with powder coated surface, durable, wear-resistant and long lifespan, and the main components are famouse imported brand by all of which we ensure 1 year warranty period for any quality problem. 

kafan equipment production

kafan blasting equipment

Located in Hangzhou, China, we we own a manufacturing base of 3600 square meter, around 100 employees and 24 sets production equipment, dividing into technical department, sales department, after-sale department, production department, QC department, manage and finance department, etc. As a fast growing company in supplying sandblasting equipment and mass finishing equipment, we devoted all ourselves to offering solution for any surface finishing problems.    

Our products can be divided into two main parts, sandblasting equipment and mass finishing machines.

Sandblasting equipment including: manual sandblasting machine, suction sand blast cabinet, pressure blasting machine, wet abrasive blasting equipment, portable blaster pot, automatic conveyor blast system, tumbler blaster, rotary table blast machine, crawl blast machine.

Mass finishing system including: vibratory polishing & deburring bowl,  vibratory bowl with separator, centrifugal barrel tumbling machine, centrifugal disc finishing system, mass finishing media.
We offer service: Standard Production Models, Customized Design, Before-order Technical Support, Engineer Oversea Installing & Training, Free Sample Testing, 24 hour On-line Consulting, ODM, OEM.

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