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Automatic Wet Blasting Machine, Comveyor Belt Sandblaster

Our automatic sand blasting machine offers a versatoile solution allowing for most processing to be done automatically. Wet type blasting make this model an impressive performer for industrial high requirement applications.
  • KF-3208-12W


  • Automatic Sandblasting Machine


Automatic Wet Blasting Machine, Conveyor Belt Sandblaster

Wet type belt conveyor blasting system allows a batch of workparts continuously pass thru the processing chamber for automatic wet blasting, which ahieves efficient working with reduced time and labor. 

This stainless steel made automatic wet sandblaster incoperates a closed loop wet blasting system, delivering the unique benefits of slurry blasting technology with high quality finishing and cleaning purposes.

Automatic Wet Blasting Machine Working Cabin

1) Made of 3mm stainless teel plates with coated surfaces, which consists of a blasting station and a washing station separated by rubber curtains. 

2) Installed with protective rubber plate in the inner wall to protect it from blasting splash that reduces wear.

3) Embedde with a door on the front of sandblasting cabin for monitoring, debugging and maintenance. If the door is not well-closed,  a limited switch will control it not started to protect the safety of the operator.

4) An abrasive circulating funnel beneath the blasting cabin is to collect and store the abrasive slurry

6) Each working cabin is installed with top light for clear observation.

automatic wet blasting machine

Stainless Steel Conveyor

Configured with a customized stainless steel conveyor belt, durable, anti-rust.

A motor drives the sprocket wheel that moves the conveyor belt in a circular motion to realize the input and output of the workpiece. 

The conveying mechanism is driven by a 1.5KW variable frequency motor,

The speed of conveyor chain is ≤0.2m/s, frequency conversion adjustable.

wet blasting conveyor   wet sandblasting conveyor

Automatic Wet Blasting Guns

Configured with 12 sets of blast guns, the nozzle diameter is Φ8mm,

The blast guns are made of casting aluminum with a wear-resistant polyurethane layer inside, the spray nozzles are made of durable boron carbide material.

The distance and angle between guns and the workparts can be adjusted manually and then fixed.

The sspray gun swinging mechanism works through a variable frequency motor driving the connecting rod to drive the linear slide, which is extremely stable.

The moving intervals of the spray gun groups are different, so that the workparts can be accurately blasted and greatly improves processing efficiency.

wet sandblasting guns

Wet Blasting Machine Control Sytsem

The automatic sandblaster applies advanced electric and pneumatic control system. PLC control system with touching screen offers easy-to-use interface,  allows setting parameters and monitoring processing with a high degree of flexibility and reliability。

MLF03509   MLF03510 

Slurry Pump

1) 7.5KW slurry pump applies UK AD company technology, features hIgh working pressure, reliable performance and easy maintenance.

2) Provided with agitating nozzles for slurry pump, agitates the recovered abrasives in the storage funnel to ensure consistent concentration of the delivered slurry from slurry pump.

wet blasting system

Circulating cleaning and filtering system

Applies a circulating cleaning and filtration system taking full utilization of water and abrasive materials. 

This system consists of a cleaning pump, a flocculation tank, a settling tank, a fine filter tank, and a water purification tank. 

The workparts after sandblasting will be cleaned by rinsing water, so that the abrasives that adheres to the surface can be returned to the storage tank for participation in the circulation.

The blasted-abrasives sedimentates, flocculates for collection and recycling

The overflow slurry will be filtred in order to get recirculating pure water forming a closed loop system, 

Water Recirculating System

Automatic Wet Blasting Machine Specifications

Model KF-3208-12W
Working Size  1200*1400*1100mm
Overall Size

3200*1500*2000 mm

Voltage Customized, 3 phase
Slurry Pump Motor
7.5kw, 1 set
Conveyor Motor  1.5kw, 1 set
Blast Gun Motor 0.4kw, 1 set
Dust Collector Fan Motor 4kw, 1 set
Total Power 14kw
Lighting 2x20w
Compressed Air Requirment >=0.7mpa, >=12m3/min
Air Consumption for Each Gun 1.5m3/min
Blast Gun Qty 12pcs
Blast Gun Nozzle Boron Carbide Nozzle, Dia:8.5mm
Abrasive Ratio

1:5~1:7 (dry abrasive : water)

Why Choose Kafan Automatic Sandblasting Systems?

1. High productivity and automation, reduced labor and time.

2. Batch processing increase quality consistency, avoids the uneven blasting effect, chromatic aberration and quality problem.

3. The blasting machine can be designed according to workparts of different sizes, different shapes and different finishing requirements.

4. Made of stainless steel materials with coated surface, and built with quality imported components, which maximize working performance.

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