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Cause & Solution of Vibratory Polisher Motor Burning Out

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vibratory polishing machine

Vibratory polisher are generally very stable in quality and rarely subject to after-sales problems. 

A recent case we happened that the vibratory motor burned out for the below reason:

Due to the long-term vibration of the polishing machine, the bolts on the motor will be loose to some extent. When the chemical liquid in the machine overflows during the grinding process, it will easily flow into the motor and cause the motor burning out.


How to solve the vibration motor burnt ? 

There is no need to change the motor,  it is just required to change the internal coil under the guidance of a professional person.


How to prevent the vibratory motor failure?

In order to prevent such problems, we recommend that when the vibratory polisher has runned for a period of time, it is necessary to regularly check the bolts in each portion of the machine, ensuring that they are sufficiently tight. In addition, the liquid in the polishing bowl should not be overfilled.

Doing this can greatly prevent the motor from being burnt.

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