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Deliver automatic conveyor blasting machine to Indonesian client

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Dated April 10th, the production for this automatic conveyor sandblasting machine is finished and ready to deliver to our client in Indonesia. This is the second time for them to order the same model. 

conveyor sandblast machine 

They apply this automatic sandblasting machine for etching on wood surface.  Except for wood plate, this automatic conveyor sandblasting machine is usually applied for removal of scales and residual burrs for metal sheet, glass, stones, etc, as well as forging and casting parts, welded parts, heat-treated parts, stamping parts and machined parts. 

automatic blasting  blasting  blasting

It is a good option for the pretreatment process before spraying and plating. which becomes more and more popular among clients seeking for convenient operation, high processing efficiency and labor saving.  

This conveyor sandblasting machine achieves automatic continuous batch production. Put or fix the workparts on the comveyor at one side of the machine, which will be automatically transported to blasting station for automatic processing and comes out from the other side to be discharged

Various sizes and designs can be customized to suit different application. 

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