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Sandblasting Machine Troubles & Remedies

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With the wide application of the sandblasting machine, operators may happen to some breakdowns during the using that trouble them a lot. The blasting machine will not be continuely used if the problems are not solved in time. Let's take a look at the common breakdowns and remedies.

Trouble 1: No air and no abrasives come in.


1)The compressed air is off.

2)Too low pressure in the regulator valve

3)Fault or break with the foot pedal switch

4)Block of the abrasive valve or blasting nozzle

5)The safe air line is cut off.

6)The main pressure regulating valve is broken.

7)The controlled valve is broken


1)Open the compressed air.

2)Adjust the pressure over 0.5mpa

3)Adjust or replace a foot pedal switch

4)Clean the nozzle, abrasive valve or re-install them.

5)Check the valve in the safe airline.

6)Check main pressure regulating valve of the blaster

7)Check the controlled valve of the blaster.

Trouble 2: Good abrasives enter into the dust collector.

Cause: The abrasive media is too fine

Remedy: Use heavy abrasives.

Touble 3: Blurred vision during blasting.


1)The dust collector gets old and block.  

2) Abrasives mixed with much dust 

3)Too high compressed air pressure.


1)Clean or replace the dust collector 

2)Change new abrasives 

3)Turn down the pressure as recommended.

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