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Vibratory Finishing Machine Daily Maintenance

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During the Vibratory Finsihing Process You Must Concern:

First of all, we can not leave the vibratory finishing machine when it is in running, avoid damage to the machine caused by failure, do not make the grinding machine by strong vibration and impact.

For personal safety, do not use wet hand touch the operation button or switch; For machine safety and servce life, ensure that the it works in the prescribed voltage and frequency work; 

Make sure the vibratory finisher is fully ground-connected, users who operates the machine must be strictly trained.


After Vibratory Tumbling You Must Do:

Every time after grinding operation, stop for a period of time to clean the vibratory finisher, otherwise the residual grinding fluid will get dry and hard causing damage to the machine.

Regularly check the lubrication of all components and add lubricating oil to the machine.  Make system lubrication, rust-resistencce, and corrosion-resistence treatment for the vibratory finishing machine every month. The componenets of the machine should be inspected regularly, and the parts which can not be used should be replaced timely.

During the vibratory finishing process, the color of the tumbling media will change and the grinding effect will decline. This is because debris, oil, dust and other contaminants on the workparts will stick to the tumbling media, which reduces the relative friction between media and the workpieces. So the grinding media should be frequently cleaned. Pour the media and water into the vibratory bowl,  pour in an appropriate amount of detergent to wash the grindstone, then use plenty of water to wash the ginding media that can be continuously use it.

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