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How does sandblasting machine deal with stone material?

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Sandblasting machine has a wide range of applications, it is not limited to the surface cleaning of machinery equipment, also have special treatment for stone blasting, such as marble, granite, tombstone. Blasting equipment use hard corundum, silicon carbide or metal abrasives to blast and etch the stone driven by compressed air or water. The smooth surface is processed into roughness, whose effect is similar as glass frosting.

Application of Stone Sandblasting

The abrasive blasting process on the stone surface is mainly applicable for architectural decoration. The blasting machine we produced not only operates natural stone products, but also blasts irregular stone materials such as lines, railings, columns and steps. They are mainly used in floors, stairs, murals and so on. Stone carving & blasting machine supports for both small pieces and big areas of stones.

Of course, the sandblasting process is not limited to the surface decorating of the stone. it is also applied to stone material repair. If already-built stones get seriously polluted, such as oil dirt, you can use mechanical sandblasting treatment to remove contaminants.

In fact, the stone blasting process is very simple. If it is the overall blasting of the stone, you just need to put the stone into the sandblasting cabinet then add the appropriate abrasive. If it is the partial sandblasting of the stone, the parts which do not require blasting must be wrapped with rubber sheets or other protective films before processing.

stone blasting

How does the blaster carving stone?

Stone blasting and carving is a method that uses high-pressure air to drive abrasives to impact on the surface of the stone in high speed, thereby cuts the stone surface achieving the engraving effect. Stone etching process is utilizing a cutting plotter engraving contents on the sticker which is to be a protective film, then affix the sticker on the surface of the stone, remove the engraved part, do the sandblasting work.

sandblasting carving

Which blasting machine do I use for stone?

There are currently two main methods for stone blasting, manual blasting and automatic sand blasting. Manual sandblasting usually use dry blasting machine, automatic stone sandblasting machinecan use dry sandblasting and wet sandblasting machine. Dry blasting machine can be divided into suction blaster and pressure blaster according to air power.

If you want to rough the smooth surface of stone, choose the stone blasting machine with cyclone system, delivers quick and powerful blasting, also effectively separate dust and abrasive. If requires dustless and clean a wet blaster should be a good choice because of water's washhing function.

If you want to etch patterns or letters on the stone, such as decorated marble, tombstone with information, a specially designed tombstone blaster of this purpose is recommended, it offers ideal and convenient operating for stone etching.

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