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How to choose right blasting abrasive?

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The selection of blasting abrasives for surface treatment depends on the processed materials and different blasting purpose, also related to the blasting equipment you use. Here we listed frequently used example:

 blasting abrasive

MaterialCar Rim

Purpose 1: Powder Coating Pretreatment

Now more and more car producer inclines to powder coating car rims, not only can be coated with different colors for beautiful appearance, but is more anti-rust and durable than traditional wet painting. Before powder coating, the rim surface must to be cleaned, no rust, no spots, no imperfections, in order to achieve an optimal coating. Sandblasting car rims is an environmental and effective pretreatment process.

If steel wheel: using brown aluminum oxide to cleaning contaminants, removing rust, enhance the surface adhesion of coatings.

If aluminum car wheel: using glass beads, about 60-120mesh.


Purpose 2: Refurbishment of Car Rim

By the long time running and wearing, the car rim may have lots of scratches, and contaminants, a refurbishment would be ideally done to restore its looking and safety. We often using brown aluminum oxide, about 60 mesh to refurbish car wheel.


Purpose 3: Blasting wheel with gloss:  glass beads,  60-120mesh

Purpose 4: Matte finishing of car wheel: while aluminum oxide or brown aluminum oxide, 100mesh


Recommended blasting machine for car rim: Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet


Material: Glass

Purpose: Matt finishing

Glass products, such as glass cup, bottle, window, door, needs decorating, thus a matte finishing by sandblasting machine is to attain the artistic effect. For small pieces, white aluminum oxide with 80-150 mesh is applicable for glass finishing. if large area which needs big quantity of abrasives, you can use brown aluminum oxide, because it is more budget saving comparing with white corundum.


Recommended blasting equipment for glass: Siphon Blast Cabinet, Glass Etching Machine


Material: Iron, Steel

Purpose: Rust Removing: Iron and steel material is considerably easier to get rust, using brown aluminum oxide could quick and easy to stripping thick oxide layers, results to be a brand-new surface. The particle size of brown aluminum oxide can be 40-80mesh.


Material: Aluminum

Purpose 1: Using glass beads for artistic surface

Purpose 2: Using white aluminum oxide to stripping rust, contaminants for the pretreatment of powder coating.


Material: Stainless steel

Purpose 1: Using glass beads for artistic surface

Purpose 2: Using White aluminum oxide to removing rust, spot, burrs for the pretreatment of powder coating.


Recommended blasting equipment for metal: Manual Sandblasting Equipment, Automatic Conveyor Blast Machine

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