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How to restore metal parts and paint with new color? Sandblasting & Powder Coating

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Step 1: Blast Cleaning

With the help of wet sandblasting machine, the rust, dirt and old painting are all removed after blasting by aluminum oxide and water. Aluminum oxide and water are recycled inside the cabinet. This doesn't generate any waste and is totally friendly to the environment. Vapor blasting can obtain a smooth and good-looking finish. It is quite popular with many clients.

Step 2: Powder Coating

After blasting, the metal part surface is ready to do new painting. Automatic powder coating robot is usually applied for painting job. It is flexible and can achieve consistent painting, which improves the painting quality, greatly saves powder. Six-axis movement ensures 360 degrees covering on the part surface, as well as complex shapes and deep corner Painting inside the spray booth to recycle the extra powder.

Step 3: Powder Curing

Powder curing oven will give delicate final product after 10 minutes curing under the temperature of about 200 celsius, giving a totally new part. High temperature curing painting can protect the metal part from oxidization and keep far away from the bad weather, rust and dust. High temperature curing painting is steady and anti-corrosion.

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