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Sandblasting Application

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Sand blasting machine offers a wide application for all kinds of products and materials:

1. Pretreatment: process before electroplating, painting, powder coating and other covering process with absolutely clean surface, meanwhile greatly improves the coating adhesion and corrosion resistance. Such as alloy wheel, bike parts.

2. Cleaning: remove oxides, dirts, impurities from castings, stampings, welding parts, heat treatment parts or other metals, clean surface of non-metal parts, clear spots of ceramic products, restore patterns. Such as metal plate.

3. Refurbishment: refurbish accessories of carts, motocycles, mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as eliminate fatigue stress, to extend the life.

4. Polishing: remove masks of all metal or non-metal surface, plastic, crystal, glass, matt process making upscale effect.

5. Moldings processing: matt and mist finishing of mold surface, graphic and text production, no harm to surface and ensure and accuracy.

6. Deburring: remove burrs of machinery parts and plastic injection parts.

7. Rework of defective products: remove unqualified coatings, colours and letterings.

8. Strengthenning: increase the hardness and eliminate the internal stress of metal parts, such as aircraft blades, springs, machining tools, weapons, etc.

9. Etching and anti-skid: etch patterns, text and antiskid for metal and non-metallic products, such as: marble, non-slip handle, seal, stone tablet, glass.

10. Jeans decorating: achieve the decoration of scrub, bleaching, whiskeys on jeans

sandblasting application

Kafan provides sandblasting equipment in a variety of styles suit different demands, such as

  1. Suction blast machine for general surface finishing, remove light coating and light burrs.

  2. Wet blasting equipment with water's washing creates dustless working space also makes product more clean and delicate

  3. Cyclone sandblaster allows sandblasting users apply ultra-fine abrasive to meet some special requirements.

  4. Pressure blast cabinet delivers stronger blasting force, operating parts much quicker and easier, suitable for some hard material or tough jobs.

  5. Portable blast pot can be used for oversized parts, and on-site working, such as bridge, steel tube, and construction materials.

  6. Automatic conveyor blast system, achieves large products for flat parts, like mobile sheels, small profiles.

  7. Automatic Tumble blaster, automatic blasting for small accessories, such a zipper head, crews.

  8. Automatic rotating blast machine, ideal for blasting cylinder shaped parts, like glass bottle, electric cooker, etc.

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