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What is aqua blasting? - Wet Blasting Technology

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What is Aqua Blasting?

Aqua blasting, also known as vapour blasting or wet blasting is the non-aggressive removal of surface dirt and grime from metal components . The key to aqua blasting is that the finish is produced through the flow of water borne abrasive. A finer finish is achieved due to the lubrication and flushing action of the water during the blasting process.

aqua blasting

What is Aqua Blasting Machine?

Aqua blasting machine achieves this by accelerating water and abrasive slurry under high pressure through a nozzle. The slurry contains particles which are just 80-320mesh in diameter, these creates gentle removement of surface. Aqua blaster usually designed with a high performance slurry pump that fully agitates water and abrasive, powerfully delivers the slurry mixture to target surfaces through blast nozzles, as compressed air accelerate the travelling.

aqua blasting machine

Advantages of Aqua Blasting:

  • Dustfree blasting process

  • More precise processing as cleans by flow and not impact

  • Simultaneously degreases and blasts

  • Produces a softer/smoother finish

  • Handling without leaving finger marks

  • Promotes longer media life

  • Avoids media impregnation on softer materials

aqua blasting applications

Aqua Blasting Application

  • Aqua blasting leaves the underlying component completely intact with its original dimensions, whilst removing the unwanted materials So it is rapidly expanding into many restoration sectors where quality and servicing is critical.

  • Perfect for motors, cylinder heads, sub-sea components, aviation parts, crank cases, wheel hubs, suspension parts, bolts, master cylinders, brake calipers and valuable restoration projects.

  • Effective for cleaning of dies and moulds, removal of pain, rust, scale, carbon and similar deposits.

  • Surface preparation prior to bonding, re-painting and powder coating.

  • Aqua Blasting will also produce a very uniform satin finish especially on aluminium or stainess steel items returning the material to as new casting appearance

  • Finishing of stainless steel and other metals, cleaning of PCBs and electrical components and so on.

  • As the media material can be varied the gentle cleaning action of Aqua Blasting is not limited to metals and cleans exceptionally well with plastics and rubbers.

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