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Alloy wheel refurbishment, sand blasting wheels

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Refurbishing wheels is becoming a common business. So what is the proper way for wheel refurbishment? Sandblasting is the right choice.

Why a sandblaster could do?

1. Clean the car wheels without damaging the surface

2. Completely removes the remaining old paint, scratches, oil stains, anodized layer and electrical layer, 

3. it strengthens the stress itself and enhances the surface adhesion. After sandblasting, the quality of the surface coating(powder coating or painting) is upgraded to a higher level.

4.  Light decoration,beautification, decontamination and other production process 

Why choose a sandblaster for wheel refurbishment?

Sandblasting machine efficiently cleans surfaces better and faster than traditional techniques, features non-toxic and environmentally friendly, while abrasive media is generally inexpensive and reusable.

There are a variety of sandblasting with different characteristics, customers could choose the right one according to production requirements.

Which type of wheel sandblaster should I choose?

Dry Suction Sandblasting

The speed and efficiency of processing are slow. Generally, it takes more than ten minutes to process one wheel hub, which is suitable for a small amount of processing workshop operations. It is a basic sandblaster for industrial which requires less cost, less maintenance.


Wet Sandblasting


Wet sandblasting is a high-powered stream of water and media mixed together. It is a dustfree process, it works by flow of water not by impact. The water acts as a lubricant between media and wheel hub, which could avoid media damage on wheel hub’s surface, and to produce a smoother and finer finish. Wet sandblasting supports to degrease and blast clean simultaneously, increases working efficiency greatly.


High Pressure Sandblasting


High pressure sandblasting blast machine works 3-5 times faster than a basic suction blast cabinet t usually takes only a few minutes to remove the paint and refurbish the surface.. High Pressure Sandblasting utilizes a pressurized pot that directly pushes the abrasives to the blasting gun, then blast onto wheel hubs’ surfaces. This blasting method accelerates the abrasive conveying and creates much more powerful cutting force, which is very efficient to do tough cleaning and blasting on wheel hubs.

Automatic Sandblasting


Automatic sandblasting machine greatly increases working efficiency and security, reduces processing cost. Automatic sandblasting cabinets are usually designed with automatic sandblasting guns and turntable, even bigaluminum alloy wheel could also be sandblasted easily.

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