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How does a sand blasting machine work?

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Sand blasting machine working principle: 

It is a kind of mechanical surface finishing equipment that blasts the abrasive (metal abrasive and non-metallic abrasive) to the surface of workpiece with the help of compressed air power.

The blasted abrasives will impact and grind the workpiece surface, in which way remove the impurities, rust,  oxide layer and other contaminants, results in a smooth and clean surface for subsequent procedure.

Sand Blast Machine is the optimal choice for surface finishing like cleaning, descaling, rust-removing, degreasing, decorating in the industries, use abrasive as blasting media, like aluminum oxide, brown corundum, silicon carbide, glass sand and so on. sand blast machine has a wide application scope such as: all kinds of handicrafts, plastic, metal ornaments, stamping parts, casting parts, welding parts, jewellery, glass products.

Types of sandblasting machine for different requirements

1.Siphon blast machine

Siphon blast cabinet powers the high speed compressed airflow, by the negative pressure the blasting gun sucks the abrasives into the spray nozzle through the hose, then blast them onto the surface of parts, attain the finising requiremnts. This indirect pressure though not powerful as the direct pressure sandblaster, it is the initial economical choice of general light blasting applications

blast cabinet for sale.jpg

2.Pressure blast cabinet

The direct pressure cabinet is specially designed with a pressurized vessel containing compressed air, which will pneumatically push the media to the nozzles through a media outlet valve, then blast them onto the target. The compressed air is the power source of both abrasive supply and speed accelerate. Pressure blast cabinet has an outstanding feature that could operate hard materials and tough jobs in extremely quick speed 

pressure blasting machine.jpg

3.Wet blasting equipment

The wet blasting equipment uses a slurry pump to agitate the abrasive and water into a slurry mixture. The slurry mixture is pumped directly to the abrasive blast gun where compressed air pressure accelerates the mixture to the desired pressure rating. With water’s lubricate and washing action, wet abrasive blasting creates a dustless working environment and a much cleaner blasted surface.

wet sandblast machines.jpg

4.Portable blasting pot

Portable blasting pot is perfect for finishing large on-site or over-sized projects like fitness and amusement equipment, ships, bridges, , pipelines, water conservancy projects, construction, etc. The Pressure blaster pot enables to contain high volume of abrasives and high pressure will meet the demands to effectively sandblasting heavy jobs with continuous abrasive flow.

pressure blast pot.jpg

More types of blasting equipment visit Kafan Sandblasting Equipment Product List

Brief Introduction of Sandblasting Application

1. Pretreatment of electroplating, wet painting, powder coating,increase the surface adhesion.

2. Cleaning dirt, imperfections, oxide layer of casting parts, welding parts and stamping pieces

3. Strengthen the surface hardness of metal products, release the internal stress, extend lifespan.

4. Refurbishment of car parts, like wheels, engine, brave and other mechanical equipment accessories.

5. Removal of unqualified coverage such as surface marks, colours, printings.

6. Matt surface finishing of various molds, glass and crystal products.

7. Deburring of processed industry components for end-users

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