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How to choose a right sandblaster?

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When you buy a sandblaster for your surface finishing process, some factors you must take into consideration:

1. Sandblast Machine Production Capacity: 

According to the required output, customer can choose automatic sandblasting system semi-automatic sandblasting equipment, pressure blast cabinet and suction sand blast machine.

Automatic system often provides large productivity, such as conveyor blast machine  can continuously operates flat, square, tube parts. Tumble blaster with a rotary basket containing mass small parts for automatic blasting, such as zipper head, screws.

Pressure blast cabinet delivers high efficiency of working because of stronger blast force, so it can operate parts quicker and easier than suction blast cabinet.

conveyor blast machine

2. Size of Parts to be Sandblasting:

Size of workpiece decides the sandblasting equipment specifications: you must insure that there is enough space holding the product to complete the processing work. 

Normal parts such as small accessories, you can choose a single station blast cabinet, bigger product which 1 station can not hold, you can choose a multistage blast cabinet(usually includes 2 or 3 working stage). If too large oversized product, such as construction steel, you can select a portable blaster to do on-site work, does not limited to the space.

double stage blast cabinet

3. Materials and Sandblasting Effect:

The materials and required blasting effect also influence to select a right sandblaster. Removing light burrs or contaminants and some general surface finishing, suction blast cabinet is enough to meet your demands. 

If you need dustless blasting, then select wet blasting equipment.. If hard materials, heavy coating and other tough job, which requires stronger blast power, then choose a pressure blaster.

Also pen blaster for dental, glass sandblasting machine for glass etching. The choice of blasting abrasives ranges from heavy metal abrasives to soft resin abrasives is also important consideration.


Why choose a sandblaster?

By using of different blasting abrasives such as: glass beads, white corundum, steel ball, brown aluminum oxide, ceramic sand, etc. you can achieve various desired surface for subsequent procedure, such as:

1.Remove scratches, improve roughness, clear the surface of all kinds of handicrafts, plastic, metal, furniture, decorative products.

2.Descaling and refurbishing of casting parts, stamping pieces and heat treatment products by sand blast cabinet.

3.Burnishing of all kinds of metal products, glass, plastic arts and crafts, jewelry, glasses, clocks and watches

4.Can be also used for pre-treatment process of electrostatic spraying and electroplating to enhance the adhesion of coating surface.

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